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Ew, why do you want to know?

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Q: What color is a womans discharge under a black light?
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Is black a color when referring to light?

No, black is not a color when referring to light. It is merely the absence of light.

Does endometriosis cause vaginal discharge?

Yes!!! Endometriosis does cause discharge. The color range from a light brownish color to a mucus-like consistency.

Is black the absents of color?

No, black is the absence of light, so there is no such as black light and if there is no light, there is only black.

Why the color of darkness is black when no light is there to form a color?

Black is just a "color" made by a surface chemical absorbing all light, therefore meaning that if there is no light, objects will look black.

Which color does not reflect light or color?


Is the color black a natural color?

Technically speaking, black is not a color at all. Color is the way we perceive light of a given frequency; if it has a wavelength that is, say, 510 nanometers, then we perceive green light. Black, however, is an absence of light. Therefore, black is not a color at all, rather, it is an absence of color. Unless you are speaking of subtractive colors - then black is the presence of all color and white is the absence of all color. Additive color is light - subtractive color is the color that light bouncing from an object creates.

Is the color light black or gray?

no, light black... -.- OF COURSE ITS GREY

What is black the color?

Black does not reflect. It absorbs all colors of light.

Does vaginal discharge look different when seen under black light?

no only in red light.

What color after black absorb the light most?

Black is not a color. It is the combination of all colors.

What makes light black?

Only black can make black light, so if you try to add any color of light to black, it will stay black.

What is color of carbon?

light black.