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Q: What color is an oak tree?
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What color is an oak trees leaves in the winter?

is the oak tree keep color in winter

What color is oak tree's leaf?


What color is the bark of an oak tree?

brown or white

What is on a oak tree?

The are called Galls.

Is an oak tree a summer tree?

An oak tree is a summer and fall tree.

Is a white oak tree the same as a oak tree?

The White Oak, Quercus alba is a member of the Oak family.

Where can you find oak tree leaves?


Is oak a tree or shrub?

An oak is a tree.

What will grow from the seed of an oak tree?

An oak tree.

What type of tree is an oak?

an oak tree much?

What is oak tree in Tagalog?

Tagalog Translation of OAK TREE: marang

How does an oak tree change for winter?

The oak tree become dormant during the winter months. The change consist of the tree leaves changing color, falling off the tree, and then the tree seeming to be dead until spring. During the spring months the tree seems to come back to life with regrowth of the leaves.

Is oak coniferous?

An Oak is a deciduous tree not an evergreen. The acorn is the seed of the Oak tree

What is the largest oak tree in the world?

The largest oak tree is the Dr. Oak from Pokemon.

Average height of an oak tree?

the average height of an oak tree is 60ft the average height of an oak tree is 60ft

Does the white oak tree change color every season?

they change every once a month

What part of the oak tree do caterpillars eat?

Yes, they do eat Oak tree, but only the leaves of the oak tree. Caterpillars eat leaves therefore they must eat leaves off the oak tree. :)

Is a oak tree a herbiver?

I believe the question to be, "Is an oak tree an herbivore?" The answer to this question is no, an oak tree is not an herbivore. Herbivores are animals that eat plants. An oak tree is a plant, not an animal, so therefore it can not be an herbivore.

What is the food chain for a oak tree?

An oak tree is a producer.

Where does the Oak tree originate from?

oak tree is orginated in Scotland

From what does an oak tree grow?

The 'acorn' is the seed of the Oak tree.

Is an oak tree a dicot?

Yes Oak tree is a dicot

What can eat an oak tree?

They do eat oak tree but does human

What are the biotic and abiotic factors of an oak tree?

is a oak tree a abiotic or biotic

Oak tree in Latin?

Quercus is Latin for Oak tree