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What color is astatine?


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The color of the element astatine is unknown.

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The color of astatine is not known.

The color of astatine vapor is a green-yellow, but when in a solid form it is pink.

Astatine is a semi-powdery substance that is sicklyyellow color.

At room temperature and normal pressure astatine is a solid nonmetal; the color is not known but probably is a dark color.

Yes, Astatine is black in color just like carbon.

Not known, but probably a dark color.

It is presumed very dark or black.

Not known, probably a dark color.

Not known but very probable a dark color.

The chemical formula for astatine is "At"

Astatine has 125 neutrons

Astatine is a chemical element, not a compound.

Astatine is an element, an atom.

Astatine is an element with the symbol At.

You use astatine to heal hyperthyroidism.

The chemical symbol of astatine is At

The valence of astatine is -1.

francium plus (+) Astatine *

is astatine an electrical conducter

The estimated boiling point is 338 0C; the color may be black. It is impossible for chemists to make a deep study of astatine because they have only very small quantities of this element; also astatine is radioactive, unstable, with a half-life of only 8,1 hours.

Atomic radius of astatine: 127 pm Covalent radius of astatine: 150 pm

Now, no commercial use for astatine; but the isotope astatine 211 was proposed for the radiotherapy of cancers.

Scientists have not sufficient astatine to determine the hardness.

The valence of astatine is -1.

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