What color is iron when it tarnishes?


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Rust colour!


Iron does not tarnish it will simply rust.

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Yes it does rust. It tarnishes soon after being exposed to air.

Silver is used in film media because it tarnishes better than other materials.Tarnish is the process of oxidation, where a metal turns from some some shiny color to a darker non-shiny color.Three Examples of Tarnish:Gold: Starts a bright shiny gold color and tarnishes to a slightly darker dull gold colorCopper: Starts a bright shiny orange-gold color and tarnishes to a green patina colorSilver: Starts a bright almost white color and tarnishes to a very dark grey, almost black colorSilver provides the best tonal range, from light to dark. It can capture light from pure white to pure black (or very close).Additionally, silver tarnishes very consistently. This provides a smooth transition from light to dark on film.

Yes, it usually develops brownish spots. Iron does not tarnish just from being in contact with oxygen, but other chemicals are needed. One chemical that tarnishes iron is hydrochloric acid (2 HCl)

The luster of iron is metallic and the color of iron is greyish-white.

Lithium, Sodium and potassium are all soft metals which can be cut easily with a knife. This freshly cut piece is a shiny silver color which tarnishes quickly to a dull grey as these metals react with the oxygen and water in air. Sodium tarnishes quicker than Lithium and potassium tarnishes quicker than sodium. Thus, Potassium tarnishes quicker than lithium and not the other way around.

gray. it's.................. the color of iron

The color of iron sulphide is black - ish grey .

No, iron does not burn any color at all.

It is a chemical change. Jewelry that tarnishes undergoes oxidation.

Bronze cannons can be a brownish-green color in saltwater. On land it ranges from a white, talc yellow or light green oxidation that brushes off easily.

Anything that tarnishes or rusts (silver, iron) will break down much, MUCH faster than something that doesn't (gold).

Its not an element that causes Mar's color. It is Iron Oxide, the rust of iron, that causes the red color.

Iron gives amehyst its purplish color. The answer is IronPresence of trace elements, irradiation and iron impurities give the gem amethyst its purplish color

Iron oxide is red. The presence of iron oxide on the surface of Mars gives the planet its color and nickname "The Red Planet."

In rusting of iron........iron gets to be orange color,iron will be wearker............

Yes the color can change when you take extra iron. It can turn black.

The color of iron (III) chloride solution is brown.

not pure iron... But you can provide a covering over iron to make it look like copper by just dipping it into copper sulphate solution .. Because Iron is more reactive than Copper ... it will displace it in the solution .. the color of solution will change so as the color of iron!

No. Iron is a ore and has to be mined.

Yes copper tarnishes !

Generally, the colour of the element iron is silvery-gray. Sometimes, its look like reddish or brownish color.

Hemoglobin is the iron oxygen carrying protein which gives blood its red color

Iron oxide, commonly known as rust, gives Mars it's color.

The color is turned to red (from iron oxide and hydroxide).

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