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What color is live and what color is neutral on old house wiring?

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In the US older 2-conductor house wire has a white-insulated and a black-insulated wire. The white wire is the neutral and the black is the hot wire. Newer house wire has a third bare copper wire to serve as the ground wire. Insulated ground wire has a green jacketing on it. Red wires are for switch legs. You want to be sure that whomever did the wiring didn't flip the colors around. You can do this by checking the fuse or breaker box - the white or neutral wires should all run to the multi-neutral ground bus bar and the black or hot wires should each go to their respective circuit breakers or fuse sockets. On your switches and recepticals, the gold screw is for the black, or hot wire, and the silver screw is for the neutral. The green screw would be for the ground wire. Mostly, use a qualified electrician to do any work unless you are quite handy, have all necessary tools and fully aware of all safety precautions and code requirements that may exist where you live.

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What color is live wire in old plugs?

In the UK, the old wiring colours were... Live = red, Neutral = black, Earth = green.

What color is the live wire in 110 volt which color is neutral which color is ground?

Canada and US - The colour of live wires in home wiring are red and black. The neutral is white. Ground is bare when in a cable set like loomex. Ground is green when associated with fixtures and appliances.

What is the color of live wire neutral wire and ground wire in Bangladesh.?

In Bangladesh the color of live is green and neutral is blue and ground is black.

Where does neutral rats live?

In your house!

How many wires necessary for single phase 220 volts house wiring?

At least two cables: red/brown (live) and black/blue (neutral)

Is the black wire in a plug live or neutral?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.In the US the black wire in a plug is the "hot" conductor. The neutral is white. In most of Europe and Australasia on old or fixed house wiring the black is neutral.

Is a red wire live or the black wire?

When you encounter a red wire in house wiring, it may be live or may be neutral. Commonly used in wiring 2-way switched lighting, that red wire in a 4-wire bundle is switched by the 2 switches in some wiring arrangements so that it can be hot with the switches set one way, and neutral with the switches set another way. In 220v circuits, both the black and the red wire are HOT.

Why do we have a neutral wire along with live wire in ac wiring connection?

The neutral wire is to complete the a.c. circuit. It brings the current back to the supply.

What are old German wiring colors?

The old German house wiring colours were red for live and black for neutral, there was no earth or ground wire. This was due to the scarcity of copper during, in between and after the world wars, all equipment running 230v was earthed via the neutral wire. Equipment running on a higher voltage was earthed correctly.

What is the brown wire on my house wiring?

If you live in Europe, then the brown wire is the line ('hot') conductor; a blue wire is the neutral conductor, and a yellow/green striped wire is the protective (earth) conductor.

Name the materials used as conducting wires in domestic wiring?

live wire,earth wire and neutral wire

Are there electrical colour codes for wiring in India?

Red, Yellow and Blue for Live. Black for neutral and Green for Earthing

In 3 core wiring what are the names of the different wires?

The terminology varies from country to country. You will find some more information here:

French sockets wiring which way round. Leaflet says live on left as you look at it but then the live on the right in plug would be connnected to neutral in the socket.?

The last time I was in France, everything was 220 Vol0s, therefore, no neutral.

What colour earth neutral and live in armoued cable?

All depends on what country you are in, wiring standards and cable type. Industrial cable in the UK is. :- Red = Live Black = Neutral Copper wire = earth. (add Green/Yellow striped sleeve at junctions.) Domestic is:- Brown = Live Blue = neutral Green/yellow stripe = Earth Europe Black = Live Blue = Neutral Brown = Earth

What color Say you live in a one-story house made entirely of redwood. What color would the stairs be?

ready for the answer

What are the UK wiring colours?

The brown wire is live (Mr Brown is a live wire!)Blue is the neutral wire for the return current. Green/yellow is the earth wire.

Why is a switch always connected to a live wire in wiring house?

A switch on the live wire means, when off, current can't flow past the switch and reach a bulb, for instance. If the switch was on the neutral side, when off, the current would be able to reach the bulb and the bulb holder would be live - chance of a shock!

What color house does Bill Cosby live in?

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What are the needs for colour coding of cables and wiring including live neutral and earth colours?

Australia: ANZS3000 Active= Red or Brown Neutral = Black or Light Blue Earth = Green or Green and Yellow stripe

What is the color of the earth wire live wire and neutral wire?

US standard Earth is green, live is black, and neutral is white UK Live is brown, neutral is blue, and earth is green with yellow stripe. Since in the US the earth is referred to as the ground wire it is assumed you are asking about UK standard.

What color is the house that the presidents of America live in?

U.S. Presidents live in the White House, in Washington DC. And its exterior really is white.

When the main switch opf a house circuit is put off what does it disconnect?

Live wire and the neutral wire

Is it important to always match live to live and neutral to neutral when wiring in electrical devices or can you interchange at the device end?

In most cases it doesn't matter, but some appliances like a light dimmer will not work correctly otherwise. If it is a electronic device it will have a capacitor between signal ground and neutral. Faulty wiring will make it possible to get small (non lethal) shocks by touching earth and signal ground or introduce hum in audio devices. So, important no, but wise.

What is the blue wire in 3 wire?

Assunimg you're talking about the UK domestic wiring system... Brown = Live Blue = Neutral Green/Yellow = Earth