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red and blue are even but surveys have shown that blue is more popular.

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Q: What color is more popular red or blue?
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Which color is more popular red or blue?

i think its Blue....

Is red a popular color?

No, the most popular colors are blue, green, and orange improvement/edition I think that blue is the most popular color, but it depends on what other colors your talking about, Red is a little popular, orange is not popular, green is a little more popular than red, and blue is very popular! But, my favorite color is black, it goes with everything!

Is the most popular color blue?

Blue is the most popular colour, red is second and green is third.

What is the most popular color of crayon?

Blue, red or yellow

What color is more energetic red or blue?

It really just depends on you, I would have to say red because blue is more of a calm color. When red is more of a exciting, bright color.

What color is more popular green or red?


What is the color when you mix the color blue and purple?

It becomes a darker blue. Purple is a combination of red and blue so by adding more blue the color therefore becomes MORE blue. The red makes it darker

What color is more famous red white or blue?


Which color absorbs more heat- blue or red?


Is blue more popular than red?

yes teal and light blue is much more popular than red right now

Is blue or red a more popular color?

That's a matter of preference. In general, more men seem to prefer blue, while more women seem to prefer red. But I as a girl prefer blue. So blue is a more popular colour as some girls also prefer blue but there are least boys who are likely to prefer red.But u forgot the main color dude.It's black.most of the men and women prefer black to any color,bcoz it attracts attention quickly.u do generally have black suits rather than blue or red.

Most popular color in world?

red yellow and blue are the most popular colors in the world

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