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The colours which ARE on the Olympic flag are Red Blue Green Yellow and Black on a White background.

Any other colours than these are not on the Olympic flag.

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Q: What color is not on the flag of any country?
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What country's flag has only one color?

Lybia has a green flag

What country's flag consist of a solid color?

Libya has only green colour on her flag.

What country has pink in its flag?

The Libya flag is the only country to have a flag with only one color. The flag is solid green. It is green because green is the national color of libya showing their devotion to islam.

Which country has a flag that contains only one color?

Prior to the Arab Spring War in 2011, the national flag of Libya used to have only one color; green. More specifically, it consisted of a simple green field with no other characteristics. Also, many signal flags are just one color. Then, of course, the flag of surrender is but one color; white. Currently, there is no national flag with only one color.

What color is the flag of the country of the Jewish People?

blue and white

What country flag is all one color and no insignia?


What color is Egypts flag?

The flag of Egypt's colors are: ~Red ~White ~ And Black

What country has a flag with only one color and design and emblem?


What country's flag has the color blue and yellow with a black trident?


Why is the flag of Ireland so important to the country?

Any country's flag represents that country, and should be treated with due respect.

What country's flag is yellow orange and black?

I don't know of any such flag, but the German flag (among others) is gold, red, and black, which in some badly color-corrected pictures might appear to be yellow, orange and black.

What does the Belarus flag look like?

The flag for the country of Belarus is red and green in color. The flag also has a red and white ornament design on the staff side of the flag.