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Q: What color is popular for girls in dsi?
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Is the Nintendo DSi color blue for girls?

Blue can be for boys too.

Is the sky blue DSI for boys?

The sky blue dsi is for both boys and girls. I know boys and girls who have the sky blue dsi.

Is the dsi XL color burgundy better for girls than boys?

yup it is. im a girl and i have this color dsi XL. i just cant see a boy holdin a pinkish-like dsi XL in their hands. boys should probably get the bronze one or wait for the blue one.

What color dsi's can you get?

BlackwhitebluepinkredsilvergreenpurpleorangeThey are all the colours of a dsi

Is the burgundy dsi XL color for girls?

It depends. I see boys with a burgundy DSi XL often. I seldom see boys with a bronze DSi XL, and not so much blue. I don't know. Maybe it's for both. My friend is a boy, and he has a burgundy DSi XL.

What is the color that most girls like?

Most of the girls who does fashion or try to be popular they love "PINK"

What color do you get in dsi's?

There currently Blue,Black,Pink,White dsi

Is the Nintendo DSi black for girls?

i got the black DSi. The pink, white, and blue are more for girls. the black is more for boys,

What color is the most popular color in girls watches?

Popular watch colors depend on the individual girl, as well as age. Younger girls generally favor pinks and purples, while older girls and teens tend to favor neon shades.

What do you get will a DSI?

the dsi in which color u chose it in, manual guide, stylus, charger

Does the color of your dsi XL matter?


What is the most popular color in the whole world?

For the GIRLS is Purple and For the BOYS is Blue

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