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What color is the memory wire for a Kenwood VZ907?

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The memory wire is blue on the Kenwood VZ907. Now I hope you can help me. I am trying to hook this same product in my vehicle. However, I cannot get past BUS-E50. What does this mean? The memory wire is blue on the Kenwood VZ907. Now I hope you can help me. I am trying to hook this same product in my vehicle. However, I cannot get past BUS-E50. What does this mean?

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Color wire for a Kenwood VZ907?

Blue is memory.

Wiring Color codes for kenwood KDC-138?

memory wire color for kenwood kdc138

Wiring color codes for kenwood kdc-122p?

What color is the blue an white wire

What is the color for the memory wire for 1997 ford explorer?

what color is the memory wire on a 1997 ford explore

What is the color of a memory wire?

there usually purple.

What color is the memory wire in 98 Mercedes c230?

the memory should be yellow

Kenwood wiring colors?

Kenwood stereo and speaker wiring colors are; black, red, white, green, yellow and orange. Black is the ground wire and red is the power wire.

What is the color of the memory wire for a car sterio?

Yellow, and it's called the constant

What is the correct wire by color to hook up to a yellow memory wire for a CD player in a 1988 Chevy Celebrity?

the red one

How do you know Which wires are which when installin a stereo?

If you are using a wiring harness they are color coded. Otherwise, get a voltage tester to find the "hot" wire and the memory wire. you will have to trace the speaker wire.

What is the brown wire and the blue wire with the white stripe for on a kenwood kdc mp205 car stereo?

brown wire is called earth wire .or blue wire with white stripe is for anteena wire ok

What are the wiring color codes for car stereo in a 1989 caprice classic?

red wire= main power/postive yellow wire=main power/memory black wire=ground wire/negative

Why is a 1992 geo prizm overheated?

i had 1991 geo prizm but i want to know what color memory wire??

How do you bypass e brake on kenwood KVT-512?

Ground the green wire on the harness.

What color is the memory wire for a 98 Corolla?

im not sure, but you can tell by getting a wire tester at any hardware store, it looks like a screwdriver but has a light where the handle usually would be, touch it to all the exposed parts of each wire, when it lights up, you've found your memory wire, if you put the car on do it again the other wire that lights up is your ignition power wire, , oh yeah if you cant find the memory wire at all, which has happened to me before; see if u can just wire the memory wire up tothe constant cigarette lighter wire, its usually easy, and works.Answeroh yeah, try and see if they have it listed

Is the striped color on wire the actual color of the wire?

No, example- If the wire is blue with a white strip, (which is your remote wire for the amp turn-on) the wire is blue, the strip is not the color.

How do you unlock your kenwood kvt-725-b in car DVD player?

kvt725 b i her the movie but not see there should be a wire for connecting to your handbrake switch so you can only watch images when the vechile is stoped, on ripspeed DVD players this wire is pink and you earth the wire to make the screen work, this maybe the case for your kenwood.

Where do you connect the memory wire in a 97 sentra?

it is the pink wire with the stripe

How do you connect the memory wire to a permanent live connection?

Either put it in the Memory Wire slot or glue it. The end result will be the same.

What are the stereo wiring color codes for a 2003 Tiburon?

There are for stereo wiring color codes. The red wire is the positive wire. The black wire is a ground wire. The green wire is the speaker wire. The white wire is the auxiliary wire.

What did the second generation computers use for memory?

Most used ferrite core magnetic memory, but some other memory technologies also used were:plated wire magnetic memorythin-film magnetic memoryrotating magnetic drum or disk memorymagnetostrictive wire delayline memoryetc.

How do you connect a three color wire to a 4 color wire?

Red is negavite some black

What color is the hot wire for the radio on a 1997 ford aerostar?

It should be light green with a yellow stripe, it is hot for the memory. The yellow with black stripe is for ignition.

Which wire is the memory feed wire on a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT?

green one

Why does your stereo loss memory after ignition is turned off?

You need to switch the red wire with the yellow wire and it will not lose the memory any more. One wire is coming from the ignition and the other from the battery directly.

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