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same with the earth's color like's blue;brown and white.................

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What is the color of the planet?

the color of planet earth is blue and green

What color is the planet Saturn and why is it that color?

The color of the planet, Saturn, is yellow/gold.It is these colors because of Saturn's clouds.

Saturn is what color?

The color of the planet Saturn is classified as a very pale yellow. This planet also has the color orange and the color is caused by storms.

What color is Saturn the planet?

The Color is A grey

Is there life on the new planet?

is there life on the new planet is there life on the new planet

What is the color of the planet biyo?

i think that the color of planet biyo is grey or black from: Yrron Estanero

What color is the planet and why is it that color?

The earth has many colours because of the trees and water located around the planet

What color is the planet Mars?

Mars is the color of Red!!!

What color in Pluto the planet?

pluto is a brownish color

What color is mercry the planet?

Mercury is gray in color.

What planet is this the soil of this planet it is rich in iron oxide which gives the planet a characteristic color?

This planet is Mars.

What planet has the blue and green color?

Mostly planet Earth...

What is the real color of the planet Mercury?

The planet Mercury is the color grey, simply because this planet has little to no atmosphere, therefore we just see the rocky surface.

What color is Planet x's atmosphere?

Planet X was a hypothetical planet which was searched for after the discovery of planet Neptune. `Planet-X` does not exist.

What color is the planet Uranus?

Uranus is the color Blue-Green

What is the color of planet Mar's sky?

the color of mars is orange.

What color is planet Mercury?

Mercury is a dark red color.

What is the small planet is known as the rusty planet due to its reddish color?

Mars is the rusty planet

What planet did iron in its soil gives it a red color?

the planet mars

What planet is called the red planet because of its color of its dust?


What color is Merucry?

its a reddish planet! you can google it to and go on google picturesMercury's color is red. The planet is also called the Red Planet. The element is silver in color.2nd Answer:Actually, the Red Planet is Mars, not Mercury. Elemental mercury in addition to being silver in color, is very smooth, as it is a liquid metal.

Is Pluto a red planet?

No. Pluto is not a planet and has an overall brownish color. Mars is known as the red planet.

What color is planet jupiter?


What Is the color of the PLAnet mars?


What is the color of planet mercury?

its brown