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What color is the ozone layer?


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July 30, 2013 7:49PM

Ozone has an absorption / emission band in the range of "blue", so that is how we'd see it with our eyes... were it thick enough to more than add a hint of blue to our sky. It very strongly absorbs in UV-B and more energetic, and over a narrow band in the far infrared. So had we different sorts of eyes... those would be the ozone layer's "primary colors". Beyond this, we visualize the ozone layer by using satellites and looking at the absorption / reflection / emission of UV light at different places above Earth's surface. The ozone is... BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
Ozone as a gas is invisible over short light paths. It only has significant interaction with light in the UV-C, UV-B and far infrared ranges. Ozone as a liquid is described as light blue.