What color mixing give yellow?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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None, yellow is a prime color.

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Q: What color mixing give yellow?
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What color combination of green orange and purple will give you a red color?

Red is a primary color, mixing of any colors will not give you red. Secondary colors are green, orange and purple and are created by mixing 2 primary colors. Purple is made by mixing red and blue. Orange is made by mixing red and yellow, green comes from mixing blue and yellow.

Will mixing green and gold give you an orange color?

No, mixing green and gold will not give you an orange color. Orange is the combination of red and yellow, with the absence of blue. Since green contains blue, and neither color contains red, the resulting color will be a green.

What hapend if you mix orange and yellow?

When mixing colors in pigments, yellow is a primary color. Orange is a secondary color, the result of mixing equal parts red and yellow. When you mix orange and yellow, you get the tertiary color yellow-orange.

Mixing Red and yellow?

Mixing the colors red and yellow will result in the color orange.

What mix color will give blue color?

you cant make blue mixing other coulors because it is a primary coulor

What color do you get mixing yellow and purple?


What color do you get by mixing red with yellow?


What color do you get when mixing blue with yellow?


Will you get the same color mixing red and yellow vs yellow and red?

Yes. Order of mixing doesn't matter.

What color results from mixing purple and yellow?


Mixing red and yellow what color would you get?


What color do you get with mixing pink and yellow and white?