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Q: What color of flame was produced upon ignition of butane?
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What color is produced by sodium compounds in flame tests?

The color that is produced is orange

How does the color of the flame affect the smoke produced?

Both the smoke and the color of the flame are due to the material burning. The color of the flame has no effect ON the smoke.

What does it mean if no color is produced in a flame test?

The elements contained in this molecule are not able to give a color in the flame.

What color flame is produced when potassium metal reacts with water?

Potassium produces a lilac flame

What fuel does the Olympic flame burn?


What color flame will rubidium give off?

the color of the flame produced when you burn rubidium is tha same color OS what potassium produce-the colour violet

What chemicals are in the olympic flame?

65% propane and 35% butane

Why the lpg burn with blue flame?

Because it contains propane and butane which produce blue flame on combustion

What gas lights a flame?

Methane, butane, propane, etc. are flammable.

When using butane to inflate a tire with a flame why does the tire shrink?

the tire cooling down inside after the flame and explosion.

How do you mask the color given off in a flame test with the normal color of fire?

If you open the valve on the bunsen burner fully the flame becomes virtually invisible and therefore there are no interactions between the original flame colour and the colour produced by the chemical.

Is butane what you use to make a blue flame if so can you use it in a normal lighter or do you have to put it in a special blue lighter?

butane compared to methane is that butane has an extra carbon and 2 hydrogens, nothing to do with colour, maybe butane reacts faster and can create huge flames