What color of nail polish is best?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Unfortunately I can't really answer. It all depends on what you like. Some colors look better on some people and others look better on another. My advice is find a color you really like and stick with that color, tone, or shade. Also its sometimes fun to change things up. Even if you really like blue nail polish you might want to try another color such as purple. My personal opinion is all nail polish looks great as long as you like it. Just have fun and enjoy your nails. Hope this helps ;)

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Q: What color of nail polish is best?
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What nail polish is the best to buy?

I think its color zone or Avon nailwear pro with crackle nail polish over it

What color is Kathie Lee Gifford's nail polish?

Zoya nail polish in the color Amanda

What is matte nail polish?

Its a nail polish color that drys fast... Like for example "This nail polish is a matte"

Why do nail polish change color?

The sun, smoking, chemicals etc changes the color of nail polish

How does nail polish keep its color?

Nail polish keeps its color by u puttin on a top coat.Also aply 2 coats of ur desired nail polish.

What Victoria Justice favorite nail polish color?

Victoria justice like everything nail polish color

What nail polish color dries the fastest?

Black nail polish dries the fastest

What is the best nail polish color for light skinned girls?

Black brown any dark color

I have fair skin What is the best nail polish color to use for fingers that long but you want them to appear a longer Also what is the best nail polish color to use on short toes light or dark?

dark on the toes light on the fingers :)

What color nail polish matches a blue and purple?

Pink or white but pink is probably best.

What color nail polish did Hitler?


What Miranda Cosgrove nail polish color?

Miranda cosgrove favorite nail polish color is green pink dot on top dark pink