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What color was the French flag in the 1800s?

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Blue,white,and red Blue,white,and red

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What color is the middle stripe of the French flag?

The middle stripe of the French flag is WHITE.

What does the color blue symbolizes in the French flag?

The blue in the French flag symbolizes Saint Denis.

What are facts about the french flag?

the color is a tricolor. which means three color.

What does the color blue stand for in a french flag?


What color of the french flag?

Red, white and blue

What color is the french flag?

The french flag consists of three different colours but from left to right the colours are Blue, white then red.

What is the color of the French flag in order?

Blue, White, then Red

What are the color of the french flag?

The Tricolor - Red, White, blue

What does the symbol on the French flag mean?

So, i'm french, and the colors of the French flag represent: - For the blue : It's the color of Paris - For the white : It's the color of the nobility at the time of the French Revolution - For the red : It's the color of revolutionaries Bye and I hope I didn't make mistakes (for translate) ;)

What do the symbol of Italy flag represent?

The French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, made the tricolour the flag of the Italian areas. Changing the blue of the french flag to green because it was his favorite color.

What does the color blue mean on the french flag?

It means strength and bravery.

What does the blue in Frances flag stand for?

The blue on the French flag is said to be the color of the flag of one of the patron saints of Paris, Saint-Denis. What is sure is that blue and red were the colors of the flag of the town of Paris, when the French flag was officially created.

Third color of the french flag?

The three colors are red, white and blue.

What do the colors mean on haiti's flag?

The colors on the flag depict the French tricolors. The top part of the flag is blue in color which signifies the colored population and its African connection. The red color of the Haiti flag is the symbol of the multi ethnic race of the country.

What color embodies French culture?

Blue is the color which embodies French culture.Specifically, blue is one of the colors in the French flag. Additionally, it is the color of the French national soccer team. In fact, the French team fondly is called Les Bleus ("The Blues").The pronunciation will be "ley bluh" in French.

A picture of the French flag?

this is the french flag!

When did the French flag become the French flag?

The Tricolor became the French flag in February of 1794.

French word for flag?

Drapeau is flag in French.

What we called flag in french?

The French for flag is 'drapeau'

What did King Louis 16th wear that made the French Flag?

He wore a tri color cockade.

How do you spell the flag in French?

The flag is "le drapeau" (masc.) in French. The French flag is "le drapeau français".

What color of flag is color purple?

it depends what kind of flag it is

What color was Henry Hudson flag where he lived at?

flag color

What is the background color of the flag?

There is no backround color to the American Flag.

What color does the flag end with?

the color that end on the flag is red

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