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All sorts! I've had light pink, bright pink, turquiose, light blue, purple and silver! You can also get black, glow in the dark, orange, yellow, dark blue, green, and clear! You can also get tons of different shades of green, blue, orange, pink, gray, red, yellow, purple, and many more. ==There's Usually Lots of Choices== In addition to the ones listed above, some places even have glow-in-the-dark. That would be kind of fun.

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Q: What colors are available on the bands of the braces?
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Do you get to pick the color of your braces?

The braces are made of metal but the rubber bands that hold the metal together yes you get to pick the color or colors of the bands but you are usually allowed to pick 2 colors for the bands.

What color bands can you get for braces?

From hot pink to teal to clear, there's a lot. There should be a little chart that tells what colors are available.

How long do you have to wait after you get the brackets on can you get the colors for the braces?

you can get the colors on when you get the bracets on. The colors are actutally rubber band strands that get placed on the bracets. that's actually how they tighten braces is by cutting the colored bands that are on the bracets. they get swicthed every visit.

When should you change the elastic bands or rubber bands for braces?

Do you need braces when you have rubber bands and if not how do they stay on

What colors bands for braces are there?

It all depends on who your orthodontist is. Some offices have many different colors while others only have the classic gray.

Does the ortodontist show you the available colour bands for your braces?

My teeth are really complicated, so I don't get to choose any colors for mine, but if you are able to choose, you will be given the option. Hope this helps

Do you have to get colours on braces?

No, you can get clear bands for your braces.

Do you get to choose colors for Damon braces?

No. The only color you can have is if you have rubber bands, which can be taken out. The brackets are clear or metal. :) Good luck!

What are the two types of rubber bands for braces?

Two types of rubber bands that are available for braces are single elastic ligatures and connected elastic ligatures. Both ligatures are available in a variety of colours and would need to be changed at every appointment as they lose strength over time.

Are there flavored bands for braces?

Yes, flavored bands are made for braces, although all dentists may not offer them.

What colors are available for braces?

any color usaly ask the person doing your braces to see the color weal it has all colors and it has 3 rows and you can pick out as meny colors as you want! the first time i got braces i picked out a light color and i only did one colorto get used to it.

I am getting braces soon and I don't know how many colors are offered. What colors are available?

brackets are either white, clear or silver.

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