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3 so far.

Red, Blue and the incredible hulk special (No seriously i am SOOOOO not kidding)

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Q: What colors does the Nerf titan come in?
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When will the Nerf titan come to Australia?

its all ready out at toys r us

When is the Nerf titan green color coming out?

The green Nerf titan has come out already but it was limited edition so it was only sold for a certain amount oftime. If you are lucky then you can find one on Internet stores like eBay or amazon.

What website can you get extra for your Nerf titan?

You can purchase refills for the Titan AS-V.1 on the Hasbro website.

How do you take the barrel off a Nerf Titan?

you cant take it off

What is the release date for Nerf rocket launsher?

What do you mean? The Nerf Titan shoots out rockets. Also, the Big Bad Bow does, too.

Where can one purchase a Nerf Titan?

A Nerf Titan is a toy gun which shoots a dart. It can be purchased at many retail stores such as Walmart, Target, and Toys 'R Us. They are also available for purchase from Amazon and eBay.

How far does the Nerf titan as-v1 shoot?

60 feet or, 18 meters

Detaching a Nerf hornet from a Nerf titan?

it is simple take it off just pull it one way, then to the front of the titan and it should pop off; don't worry about the loud crack sound, it's supposed to happen

Which is better Nerf titan or longshot?

Depends what you're looking for, if you're looking for size, go for the longshot, if firepower is your thing, go for the Titan.

How do you connect second gun on Nerf n-strike?

You can't unless you have the Nerf Gun Utility System. That's a combination of the Titan, Hornet, and Scout.

How far can Nerf titan shoot?

it shoots like about 200 feets and i tried it aswell

Does the Nerf barricade come with batteries?

no electronic Nerf guns come with batteries ...sorry :-(