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Q: What colors other than white represents purity?
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What does the colors of nc represent?

The colors that are seen on the state flag of North Carolina are red, white, and blue. The color blue represents justice, white represents purity, and the color red represents hardiness and valor.

What do the colors of brigham young stand for?

BYU's school colors are blue and white. White represents purity. Blue was originally "for purity in thought and deed," but the lyric has changed to "for truth in our thought and our deed."

Is black a color of purity?

White is the colour that represents purity :)

What does the white on the flag represents?

the white on the flag represents purity and innocence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

What do the colors on the candy cane stand for?

it represents Christmas time and giving other people presents

What are the international womans day colors?

International Woman's Day (IWD) is celebrated each year on March 8th. The official IWD colors are white, purple, and green. The color white represents the purity of women. The color green represents hope, and the color purple represents justice.

What color represents Purity?

WHITE!!!!! Seriouslywhite

What does the colors of the Iowa State Flag mean?

The Iowa Flag consists of three main colors, white, blue and red. White represents purity, blue symbolizes loyalty, justice, and truth, and red stands for courage.

What does the color white represents?

clearness, brightness light sprit, joy and cloudsCleanliness and purity

What are the Christmas colors in Greece?

green represents everlasting life, red represents the bloodline of Jesus Christ, blue represents the sky from which the angels appeared, white represents the purity of the Virgin Birth, and silver and gold represent the richness of God's Blessings.

What color does free symbolize?

Freedom is often associated with the colors blue and white. Blue symbolizes peace, tranquility, and open skies, while white represents purity, clarity, and new beginnings. Together, these colors can convey a sense of liberation and possibility.

What does the indonesia flag represent?

red represents courage while white represents purity of intent