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secondary colours: orange,green,purple

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Q: What colour do you get when you mix the primary colours?
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What do you mix to get blue?

Blue is a primary colour: Primary colours are not the product of any other colour, but are the original colours.

What do you mix to get a tertiary color?

to get a tertiary colour you have to mix 2 primary colours. primary colours are red, blue and yellow.

What colour do you mix with yellow to get green?

Green is a secondary colour. To get a secondary colour you must mix two primary colours together in equal proportions. Green is the result of mixing the primary colours Yellow and Blue in equal proportions.

How do you make red from another color?

Red is a primary colour. It is one of the building blocks of colour. This means you can mix other primary colours (blue & yellow) to it to achieve secondary and tertiary colours, but you can not mix other colours to achieve red.

How do you mix purple?

Purple is a secondary colour. Secondary colours are the result of mixing equal parts of any two of the primary colours. To achieve purple mix equal parts of the primary colours Red and Blue.

What are the only primary colors?

There is blue, red and yellow. You can mix two of these colours at a time to make another colour. Then you can mix the colour that you just made with another primary colour. The secondary colours are purple, green and one other that I can't mthink of right now.

How do you get red by mixing?

red is a primary colour, so you cannot mix colours to get red.

What colours mix to make red?

Red is a primary colour, that means you can't get it by mixing other colours, it is one of the tree basic colours.

What color do you get if you mix orange and red?

Red is a primary colour. Orange is a secondary colour made from equal parts of the primary colours red and yellow. If you mix the two in equal parts you will get the tertiary colour red-orange.

Why does science have primary colors?

The primary colours of light make up every colour in the world. The primary colours are red, green and blue. If you mix these colours together you will make white, which contains the spectrum of light.

What colour mixes with yellow to make blue?

Blue is a primary colour, you can not mix other colours to attain blue.

Which combination of colors make red?

Red is a primary colour. One of three, red, yellow and blue. It is not possible to mix colours to achieve a primary colour.