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Q: What colour does blue and orange and white make?
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What colour does blue and orange make?


Can colors make you happy?

red, blue ,purple, orange,silver,green,and white. *Soft blue is the colour that is best at calming a person.

What other colors make a color?

Yellow + Blue = Green Blue + Red = Purple Red + White = Pink Red + Yellow = Orange Black + White = Grey Adding white to a colour will make it lighter (except red, which makes a completely new colour - pink) Adding a little black to a colour will make it darker.

What color do we get when we mix violet indigo blue green yellow orange red?

Well that's when you get white.. but in the raindrops. It forms a SPECTRUM to make the colour white

What colour blue and white make?

light blue - it depends on how much white you use.

What colour does blue white black yellow and black make?


How can you make tertiary color?

Tertiary colours are the six colours on a colour wheel between a primary colour and a secondary colour. They are: Yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green, and yellow green. To make any tertiary colour add one part of a secondary colour (green, purple or orange) and one part of one of the two primary colours that make it. For example, to make red-orange add one part red to one part orange.

When you add green blue red what colour does it make?


What does white blue and orange make?

light brown or tan

What color will form when we combine blue and orange?

Because they are complimentary colours, meaning they are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, blue and orange will make brown when mixed.

What color would you mix with orange color to get another color?

hello the main colour i am think to mix orange with to create a different colour is blue. Y ou could mix blue with it to make a brownish colour because that will be like mixing all the secondary colours together (red+yellow=orange+blue=brown) .

Which color do you add with blue to get sky blue?

To make the colour sky blue you must add white.