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It is red

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What is the refrain of the Greased Lightning song from the movie Grease?

A refrain refers to the repetition of a particular line or lines in a piece of music or poetry. with regards to the song "Greased Lightning" in the movie Grease, the refrain is: "Greased lightning, go grease lightning".

Which line is from the song Greased Lightning from the movie Grease?

On the Grease soundtrack, Grease Lightning is #8.

What color is greased lightning in the movie grease?


What songs have the word lightning in the title?

Greased Lightening From The 1978 Movie Grease.

What is the name of the car in the movie grease?

The name, Greased Lightning. The car, a 1949 Mercury Custom.

What movie is the song Greased lightning from?

The vastly popular song "Greased Lighting" is from the movie "Grease," which starred John Travolta, amongst others. Audio of the song can be heard on YouTube.

Where does greased lightning the car race in the movie grease?

In the Aqueducts in la the same ones that terminator 2 were shot in.

What ever happened to Greased Lightning from the movie Grease?

The car in greased lightning was sold off at an auction and i believe it was a person called Matthew Campbell and he then gave it to a very Special person, well he wants her but she doesn't want him. So the girl got it and torched its gas tank

What was the name of the movie with Richard Pryor as Wendell Scott?

It was the 1977 movie "Greased Lightning".

In the movie Grease what was the name of the car John Travolta and his gang made?

Grease lightning

What cars were used in the Grease Movie?

The maroon Greased Lightning was a heavily modified (Plexiglass hood, giant tail fins, chopped front fenders) 1948 Ford Convertible. The white Greased Lightning used in the race was a 1948 Ford De Luxe Convertible. The black car the Scorpions drove was a 1949 Mercury Custom. The Pink Ladies car was a Studebaker Commander. The maroon car that Danny and Sandy took to the drive-in movie was a 1949 Dodge Wayfarer Convertible.

What colour heels does sandy wear at the school carnival in the movie grease?


In the movie grease What colour hair does frenchie have when she sees her guardian angel?


What type of movie is Grease?

Grease is a musical movie

Was Elizabeth Taylor play in the movie grease?

No she was not in the movie Grease.

What year did grease the movie come out?

Grease the movie came out in 1978!

Is Grease the movie a book?

Grease was not a book before it was a movie or a musical.

Are there any characters from the movie Grease that are in Grease 2?

Yes - Didi conn appears as Frenchy (from Grease no 1) in the movie Grease Two.

What African American won a NASCAR event and later portrayed in a moving starring Richard Pryor?

It was Nascar driver, Wendell Scott. He was portrayed by Richard Pryor in the movie, "Greased Lightning".

What movie was playing at the drive-in in the movie 'Grease'?

The Blob

Who directed the movie 'Grease'?

'Grease' (1978) was directed by Randal Kleiser.

Was lily tomlin a waitress in the movie grease?


What do greaser clothes look like?

The Greasers clothes are jeans and a white tee and a black leather jacket, with there hair greased back. If you have seen the movie grease, pretty much what they wear. :P hope this helps:)

Was grease a movie?

Yes, The movie's name is Grease!

In the movie grease how are sandy and Michael related?

Michael and Sandy are cousins in the movie "Grease." Michael doesn't actually appear in the first "Grease" movie, only in the sequel.

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