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Q: What colour would a cyan object be when light is shined on it?
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What colour would a red object seem to look like if you only shined green light on it?

The object would be black, because red cannot reflect green light so no colour is reflected of the object.

What colour would a grean object be if a red light shines on it?


What colour would a white object be if a blue light shone on it?


What colour would a yellow object look in blue light?


If a red light is shone on a green object what would the colour be?


What colour will a green object be if only blue light was shone on it?

Black, because the blue light would be absorbed into the object's pigment and as there is no green light to reflect, the object would appear black.

What color would a green object be if you shined an orange light on it?

A "green" object is called "green" because that's the only color of light it reflects, and it absorbs any other color. If orange light is shining on it, then there's no light for it to reflect, and it looks black to you.

What colour would a red object look under a red light?


Would black light break up if it is shined through a prism?

Black light

What is a bright light shined on a singer called?

That would be called a spotlight.

What color does a green and orange object reflect?

An object appears a certain color to you because it reflects that color of light and absorbs other colors of light. For example, a white object appears white because it reflects all colors of visible light (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). A black object appears black because it absorbs all of these colors--and as a result, none of those colors are reflected back to your eyes. Under white light, the object appears yellow-green because it reflects both yellow and green light and absorbs all other colors. (Remember, white light has all colors of visible light in it). If only green light is present, there's only green light for it to reflect--so it will appear green. If you shined yellow light on it only, it would be yellow. If you shined yellow and green light, it would appear yellow-green again. It you shined red and blue light on it, it would appear black, because it absorbs both of those colors.

What would you use to split white light into colors?

If white light is shined through a prism, it will be dispersed into colors.