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Try the Sony Progressive Scan DVD/VCR Recorder And Player Combo Model RDRVX530 this is considered one of the best devices for this job.


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Yes it would be the illegal to do that

Combo drive burns the CDs and play DVDs while the super drive can burn the DVDs along with running it as well.

As long as you still have a working VCR on which to watch your videotapes, it does no harm to keep them. Personally, I prefer DVDs.

No legal DVD/VCR combo will allow for the duplication of commercial DVDs. This is an infringement of copyright law.

In simple English it does almost everything. A combo drive can read as well as burn both DVDs and CDs in many different data formats. If you wanna make just one purchass and be able to do everything go for a combo drive.

Some flat screen tvs have a dvd combo. It does not come standard. It can be handy if you only want to watch dvds and don't plan to install a sound system.

The LG - Multiformat DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW/RAM Recorder/4-Head Hi-Fi VCR Combo will record DVDs.

A visual library would be a library that consists primarily of media you watch, uch as videotapes or DVDs. An audio library would consist of media you listen to, such as audiotapes, Cds, or mp3s.

The Lion King toys and DVDs are available on Amazon. The combo packs include Blu Ray versions of the film(s). There is no combo pack for both the toys and the DVD. They must be purchased separately.

Any of the players that say DVD-RW can record DVD's, but you will pay more for it.

You can do it, and you don't need a "combo" machine. Any VCR can be connected to a DVR to copy old tapes to DVDs. The quality won't be as good as an original DVD, because the videotape is an analog recording and has to go through A-D conversion before it can be recorded on a DVD.

The Panasonic DVD/VCR combo is great and very reliable, but can't burn DVDs.

DVD VCR combo can play your favorite tapes watch DVDs and record. The good price would be to total how much you would buy the DVD plus the Vcr and then make a clear judgement.

Noncommercial DVD: Do anything with it as you like. Commercial DVD: Convert your own DVD for your own, it's fine.

Most dvd players won't have problems with this.However sometimes you'll get one that doesn't like a particular brand of blank DVD.

There is the Samsung BD-UP5000 1080p HD-DVD Blu-Ray Disc Combo Player.

I believe there is an piece of equipment that allows you to watches Videos and DVDs too. Its a combo item and you can get equipment that allows you to play videos when you have digital cable. I would say no to the question.

Tivo is a seperate company, and their machines do not have DVD support. However a Media Center computer with a DVD ROM and a TV tuner will play both DVDs and Record TV.

HD DVDS are DVDs that can be played on high definition TV players. The regular DVD can be played on any TV and is not in the same definition as the HD DVDs.

Your drive is probably a CD-R(W)/DVD-ROM drive. These are not capable of writing DVDs, but only reading them.

Quite a few companies make LCD TVs with built in DVDs, but most of them are sized to be portable. Toshiba, Sanyo, and Haier all make well reviewed models.

You can watch DVDs on any computer that has a DVD player and software for playing DVDs.

Yes and if you have a HD TV they are upscaled to HD and look great. The PS3 also will play DVDs that you burn on Your Media Center computer of TV shows you recorded. It has played everything much better than in my Sony DVD/VCR combo player so that I no longer even consider using it to play DVDs. Of course it also Plays Blu Ray discs and the pictures look better than the 720P HD broadcast of the same movie.

DVDs were invented in 1995.

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