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Q: What comes from shortening of sky laboratory?
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What part of the world did animal shortening come from?

they flew from the sky

What comes from shortening of fourteen nights?


What is the difference between butter and shorten?

Butter comes from milk. Shortening comes from oil.

Is vegetable shortening gluten free?

Yes. Gluten comes from wheat and vegetables are not wheat so the shortening is gluten free.

Does thunder come from the ground?

no it does not it comes from the sky THE THUNDA COMES FROM THA SKY@!

What is flavored shortening?

Sometimes shortening, such as Crisco, comes in flavors like "butter flavored". Check your local grocery store for other varieties.

Does lightning come from the sky or the ground?

Lightning comes from the sky, not the ground.

When was When the Sky Comes Down It Comes Down on Your Head created?

When the Sky Comes Down It Comes Down on Your Head was created in 2001-09.

When was The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky created?

The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky was created in 1898.

Do Twinkies have pork or pork products in them?

Probably not, it depends on where the shortening comes from but I don't think a dessert would use lard-based shortening so I doubt it.

What is the name of water that comes from the?

Meteoric water comes from the sky.

Where the canyon water comes from?


Does your electricity comes from lightning in the sky?

No It Comes From The Magnetic Field In The Atmoshere

Where does the weather come from?

the weather comes from the sky

The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky setting?


What is cake shortening?

Cake shortening, high ratio shortening, bakery shortening, icing shortening: shortening that has been changed by adding an emulsifier and then whipping it so it can absorb more sugar and liquid than regular shortening.

Does some radiant energy comes from the sky?

Yes it comes from the suns ray

When the moon comes out does the sky turn apsulootly dark?

No, the moon comes out at a much earlier time then when the sky turns dark. This is due to the orbit of the moon. The moon is visible in the sky during the day. So, no the sky does not turn absolutely dark when the moon comes out. If it did, then we would have extremely long nights.

What are the release dates for A Bride Comes to Yellow Sky - 2013?

A Bride Comes to Yellow Sky - 2013 was released on: USA: 18 January 2013

How is organic cornflour handled and transported?

It comes from the sky, and the sky feeds all the hungry people.

Does lightning come from the earth or the sky?

the sky is part of our atmosphere which is in earth so it comes from earth

Shortening for a cake mix but you do not have any then what do you use?

I use butter for mine. It comes out of the oven very fluffy and light.

What is plastic shortening?

Shortening with emulsifiers added to it

Does lightning strike from the sky to the ground or the ground to the sky?

Lightning strikes from both the sky to the ground and the ground to the sky. The part of the lightning visible to people comes from the ground.

Can sky be a name for a human-being?

Yes. Sky, could b a human's name. There is nothing wrong with that. It would probably be a shortening of scarlet. It would go scarlet, skylet & sky. One of my friends is called Sky but her real name is Scarlet. Of course, if you wanted Sky to be the name straight. Then it might get a bit confusing. But you could still do it