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Don't be silly there is no such thing as a kiwi ostrich vulture.

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Q: What common disability do kiwi ostrich vulture and penguin have?
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What does snail alligator ostrich and penguin have in common?

The letter "i."

What does the Egyptian vulture do in defense when threatened?

The most common known defence of the Egyptian Vulture is that it vomits

Are there vultures in Minnesota?

Yes, the turkey vulture is common there.

What do a male ostrich and a lion have in common?

They can roar

What is the common name of a penguin?


What are some common animals that begin with the letter v?

· Vulture

Why is communism being represented by a vulture?

because its non of your buisness

What are some uses for ostrich feathers?

Some uses for ostrich feathers include being able to use them as feather dusters. Another common use of ostrich feathers is to use them for decorating.

What are big flightless birds in Africa?

The big flightless birds in Africa are the Common Ostrich (Struthio camelus), and the Somali Ostrich (Struthio camelus molybdophanes). The Somali Ostrich is recognized as a distinct species.

What do this birds have in common the emu the penguuin the kiwi and the ostrich?

They cant fly...

Which bird lays its egg in a common nest with other females?

The ostrich.

What noun is an ostirch?

The word ostrich is a singular, common, concrete noun.