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Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that provide VoIP, PBX phone system. Like Phone Power, they have VoIP for only $6.21 unlimited per month. In Talk, they are excellent for small businesses for only $16.25 per month. Via talk provides worldwide free calling more than 60 countries and it is also unlimited for $99 per month.

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Q: What companies provide VoIP, PBX phone systems for small businesses?
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What companies offer phone systems for small businesses?

There are several companies offering telephone systems for small businesses. Some of the most popular are Cisco, Daisy, Kingston Communications, Odyssey and British Telecom.

What are the most popular small phone systems available?

There are tens of viable phone systems available. Most phone systems are highly developed and aimed at businesses or companies alike, however there are some that seem to be smaller. FortiVoice seems to be like a viable choice, they offer cheap phone systems, the PBX systems are also commonly used by small businesses.

Which telecommunications company offers the best system for office use?

There are lots of companies that provide business phone systems. One of the top recommended companies would be ACC Communications Company. They have provided service for over 6000 businesses.

Which companies supply up to date PBX systems for small businesses?

There are many companies that supply the PBX phone systems for small businesses. A few of these companies include AT&T, Vocalocity, and Panasonic. Vocalocity's business statement is "powering small business," so they might be the best option.

Where in Milwaukee, WI can I find the best deal on an expandable phone system for small businesses?

There are a lot of listings for companies that provide expandable phone systems for small business in Milwaukee,WI, but it would be prudent to check out the list from This will offer you a great choice of companies.

Phone service system in front office?

There's some good companies out there that officer perfect office phone systems, such as the avaya, for small to medium sized businesses.

How can you get an analog phone to work now that no companies provide the analog service?

There is no way to get an analog phone to work on the new digital systems. They simply are not compatible.

Which Canadian companies offer home phone systems?

There are many companies that offer home phone systems to residents in Canada. The following companies offer these systems: Vonage, Virtual PBX, and Cisco.

Do you offer on-site or off-site training on how to use the business PBX phone system that I just purchased from you?

Several companies who provide PBX phone systems offer training in how to use them. Startostar is one company that provides this service to their customers. Other companies like ringcentral provide extensive information on how to use their phone systems on their webpage in the faq section.

What companies specialize in web phone conferencing?

Chances are the company that provides your business with internet can also provide it with phone conferencing. You can also do online web conferences. Some businesses prefer this.

Which companies offer conference phone systems?

Companies that offer conference phone systems include: Polycom, ClearOne, and Konftel. Although a few others also sell them, these three seem to be the most popular conference phone systems.

What service does BPO companies provide?

The BPO companies is a service for companies who wish to outsource their businesses. They also provide call center help for collection agencies, and for any other business that deals with customer phone calls on a daily basis. Go4Customer is one of the best BPO company in Australia.

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