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There are several companies that provide direct TV, with HD and DVR. DirectTVPlus HD DVR offers a service where you can record, watch, and delete shows in any room, with just one HD DVR.

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Yes, just use a HD DVR with an internal tuner.

Dish Network has more HD, and award winning equipment like the Dish Hopper whole-home HD DVR.

In order to see the different brands of HD Dvrs, the best place to look is where it will list all of them out. DirectTV seems to have the best HD Dvrs, but there is also a brand called Channel Masters that could be considered.

If the operating system is compatible you will be able to connect the Touchsmart to a HD DVR unit. has software to connect u to everything...super ez

I need to know the same question. Works on all my other devices but not my HD DVR

A high definition DVR upconverts non-HD content to HD. Also, it can store HD videos on it's large capacity internal hard drive. You should buy one of these.

Good HD DVR boxes come from many companies. Among the best would likely be those via Belkin, as they have great tech service and are committed to giving their members what they deserve: a great working product. Dish Network is currently carrying these models.

The Comcast HD DVR to some is not reliable, many have switched services or started using Tivo, which has been around for a lot longer and is the best.

It depends on the exact service and equipment you require. Direct TV has packages that start at 29.99. The following is a link to Direct TV's website,

Call Corporate at 1800 531 5000 and ask to upgrade your box. its 200 for an HD DVR, 100 for both the HD and DVR seperate, and 70 for the Standard Box.

HD DVR directv is a service provided by the cable provider, directv that offers the ability to record HD quality TV. If you are in the American, Latin American or Anglophone Caribbean area then you will likely have access to this service.

First off, I am assuming that by HD you mean High Definition, not Hard Drive. Yes, and you will probably pay less that you would for an HD DVR, but you may have to start looking at used machines to find one. Most new DVRs are HD-equipped.

You can use any make or model you want. It depends on how much you want to spend and what features you'd like.

Comcast is now offering hd dvr service. You can order this service online by visiting Comast's website at

No, you will need the remote that goes with the tivo dvr.

Yes they are HD ready devices.

HD DVR can range from 199.00- 899.00$ depends what you need. The lowest packet is 199$ and you will get free shipping with it. you will be required to pay 5$ a month to keep it activated with the company.

You can usually get an HD satellite dish from your satellite company. Direct TV or Dish Network are two large companies that are available in almost every area. They have HD satellite dishes.

You have the convenience to either display your programs in standard or high definition format which is a big plus if not all your channels are HD..

The TiVo HD XL is very highly rated online.

A hd dvr reciever affects the quality of your tv reception by using more electricity and not enough power supply to both electronics therefore making the quality more worse.

No you can not pause live tv, but u can record a programme with a dvr

First, connect the Macintosh computer to an available WIRED Ethernet jack. Then, connect your Directv HD DVR to an available Ethernet jack near it. Then go into the Directv menu, select Setup, then network. Go to advanced set up. Key in you IP Address info and click continue or connect now. Your HD DVR and mac are now sharing files with each other.

Cable companies often provide an extra box to offer HD channels. The box offers customers will all types of TV's to get HD channels on a regular basis. Some boxes cost extra to provide. Check with your cable company to see if you need to pay extra.

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