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Husqvarna makes husquvarna chain saws

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Q: What company makes husquvarna chain saws?
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What company manufactures stihl chain saws?

The Stihl company, Headquartered in Germany makes all Stihl tools,including chainsaws.

Who makes blue max chain saws?


Are any chain saws made in the US?

Some Stihl chainsaws are, in spite of them being a German company.

What saws do firefighter use?

Circular saws such as a K12 saw. Chain saws such as an Echo saw or a Tempest Ventmaster.

What tools did the Greeks use in geometry construction?

Saws, chain saws,cutting tools etc.

How reliable are Oregon chain saws?

About the same as Texas chain saws. Stay away from these very dangerous tools unless you have training and experience in their use.

What type of oil is used in electric chain saws?

You do not need oil in order to use electric chain saws. You only need to use lubrication to keep the bar and chain working correctly.

Is a gas chainsaw better than an electric?

Gas chain saws are normally heavy duty and are heavy to handle, but they are only choice where there is no electricity. For larger commercial operations gas chain saws is only option. For smaller operations electrical chain saws are more preferred.

Is talon and black eagle chain saws the same?


What is Texas chain saws real name?

Tomis Huit

What equipment is used to cut down a tree?

Usually chain saws.

What accessories are available for Husqvarna chain saws?

There's the forest master log holder, an accessory for the Husqvarna chain saws. This is available from Northern tools and equipment. There's also the northern industrial chain saw case also from northern tools and equipment.