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In my opinion, the best snow blowers are made by Toro. They are the most agile, yet still have the power needed to do the job.


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Craftsman is a reliable company and makes a solid snow blower. There are several different models to choose from.

The Briggs & Stratton engine company founded in 1908 owns and makes Simplicity snow blowers. These blowers include the four-cycle single-stage snow blower, the dual-stage snow blower, the large-frame dual-stage snow blower, and the Simplicity Signature Pro Commercial Duty dual-stage snow blower.

Attaching a snow blower to your tractor can be a very effective way of heavy snow removal. The company Berco make a snow blower that is made to attach to your tractor. It has received great reviews.

Most of the ones I've seen are Honda.

You get the snow blower from Greg's Garage.

A snow blower should blow snow about 50 feet n average.

Many snow blower websites offer their online manuals if you know the model. So if you want to repair your snow blower manually, make sure to check the company and model number so you are able to find the corresponding manual online.

The best Ariens snow blowers are the older models with the Tecumseh engine. Tecumseh was the largest manufacture of small engines in North America but were bought out and sold on Dec.15, 2008. Another company bought the rights to it and still makes parts for the engines. Now Ariens uses China engines. I still use my 1976 Ariens Snow blower with the Tecumseh on it. Its built to last and last. All metal construction and starts on the first pull. So your best bet is to find a older Ariens (pre- 2008).

Honda, and John Deer do and probably a few more.

form_title= Best Snow Blowers form_header= Keep the snow away from your home with a snow blower. What is the size of your yard?*= _ [50] What is the size of your driveway?*= _ [50] How many inches of snow do you normally see?*= _ [50]

It is under the cover between the blower and the motor.

They are made by in China,they are knock offs ,of the Honda engine

how can i get a manual for a 522 snow mack snow blower? model# 938400

Tecumseh made most, Briggs and Straton engines were used, but not many.

The Honda snow blower has a rating of 5. It is the highest possible rating.

John Deere make quality snow blowers,Reviews online claim John Deere 1032d Snow Blower is one ogf the best value snow blowers on the market.

It depends on the size of your blower. But Tecumseh, B&S and Honda seem to be popular motors for snow blowers.

Tecumseh made an engine called the Snow King, which was used on many snow-blowers made by different manufacturers. I do also remember a blower under the name Snow King that was made by a long gone manufacture.

Your best bet is to visit a store that sells your brand of lawn tractor and discuss the snow blower options with a knowledgeable salesperson. There are lots of different snow blower attachments and related equipment, and your choice would depend on where you live, the size of the area you wish to clear and the type tractor you have.

John Deer makes a top quality snow blower. Yes, the ones that I have used work quite well. But John Deere snow blowers are now built by Briggs and Stratton, who also builds Simplicity and Snapper , just to name a few. They also took over Murray after they went out of business so, all of the Briggs and Stratton built machines are the same , with features that come from these various machines , except their color. If you like green .........

There is very little difference between a snow blower and an electric snow shovel. Both are effectively snow blowers which use power to move snow rather than manual labour.

how to change belt on snow devil snow blower

Sears snow blower model 536881851 brand new what is it worth?

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