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Q: What company owns zales jewelry?
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Which company owns Zales?

Golden Gate Capital

When did Zales Jewelry become established?

The founders of the corporation all had previous jewelry experience before coming together to create Zales in 1993. The company started in 1924 but was not incorporated until 1993. Zales was a pioneer in offering the lay away plan for jewelry purchases.

Who is the girl in Zales Jewelry restaurant tv ad?

Cindi Blake is in the Zales Jewelry TV ad.

What is the most popular jewelry store?


Is Zales jewelry reliable?

You can review your local Zales store with the local Better Business Bureau, and learn more there about Zales local reputation.

Who co owns Zales jewelers?

On the Zales site, it says that the original founders of Zales were Morris Zale, William Zale and Ben Lipshy.

Stores that start with the letter Z?

· Zales (jewelry)

Does warren buffett own Zales jewelry store?


What is the song in the 2011 Zales's jewelry commercial?

What You Do to Me by Blakroc

What is the best way to get more information on zales jewelry?

The best way to get more information on Zales jewelry is to go to an actual Zales store.You can find them in most malls nationwide.Also you can look at their web page and read about their products.

Who competes with Zales?

Gold and Diamond source is a company that competes with Zales.

Where Is Zales Jewelry Located?

There are a large number of Zales stores and outlets in the United States. You can use the store locator on the Zales homepage to find a store near your location.

Where can Zales coupons be used?

Zales coupons can be redeemed for beautiful diamond jewelry and gifts on the Zales website, as well as in their store in Jamaica, New York. One can find great Zales coupons at Retailmenot and Couponcabin.

Who is the girl in the Zales Jewelry romantic dinner commercial?

Ngahuia Williams

Is it Peter Gabriel who does the music for Zales the jewelry commercial's?

Nope! It's "What you do to me" by Blakroc.

In which diamant jewelry shop can i buy the best diamant rings?

As the best-known name in retail jewelry, Zales Jewelers has a broad selection of classic and contemporary styles. Zales stores sell more diamond jewelry than any other jeweler in North America. In addition to diamond fashion jewelry, Zales offers gold, cultured pearls and an extensive wedding jewelry selection. In fact, it is the extensive bridal collection that represents the largest part of the chains business.

Who owns the Juicy Jewelry company?

The Juicy Jewelry company is owned by Juice Couture. Juicy Couture are a fashion house that produce handbags, clothing, jewelry including watches and other fashion based items.

What is a jewelry store in southern New Hampshire with a good reputation?

Barmakian Jewelers has a great reputation. You can also try Zales Jewelers, which is a well known company with a good rep.

How many Zales shops are located in the Yakima Valley?

There is only one Zales store in Yakima Valley in Washington State. The next closest Zales jewelry store is located 73.5 miles from Yakima Valley in the city of Kennewick.

Where online can one find initial jewelry?

There are a number of stores that one can purchase initial jewelry. Some of the stores that carry this jewelry include Max and Chloe, Zales, Amazon and Kay.

Where would I purchase personalized jewelry?

You can buy brand-name Personalized Jewelry for everyday discount prices on and also.Or at your local major jewelry stores like Zales.

What shops start with Z?

Zales is a jewelry store. Zollinger-Harned was a department store in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

I lost my girlfriends necklace that I bought her for an anniversary so is there anywhere to buy discontinued zales jewelry?


Where can a person buy clearance jewelry online?

You can buy clearance jewelry online from websites such as QVC, JCPenney, and Zales. Other websites with clearance jewelry include Super Jeweler, and Ross-Simons.

Where might one go online to purchase Mother Daughter Jewelry?

Mother Daughter jewelry can be bought online from stores that specialize in jewelry such as Zales. In addition, they can be purchased from large retailers such as Amazon.