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Bose might be a good place to start, however you will pay full price. A company that would possibly sell the cheapest Bose iPod speakers might be Ebay, due to the used condition of what you are looking for.

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Q: What company sells the cheapest Bose iPod speakers?
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Which company makes Bose speakers?

Bose, Incorporated makes Bose speakers. They are a privately-owned company. In addition to making speakers, they also make headphones and home entertainment systems.

What is the cheapest wireless speaker that Bose offers?

There are many different types of speakers Bose sells for different and distinct uses. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as price. The price will depend on what you need to use the speaker for. They sell computer, stereo, outdoor/marine, and home theatre speakers.

Which company's speakers are best for desktops?

I think 'Bose' is the best...

How many models of Bose speakers are sold at Best Buy?

Best Buy only sells three different models of Bose speakers. They're all similar but they are different forms of speakers. They are sold as headphones, computer speakers, and stereos.

Where do you get cheap Bose wireless speakers?

You can get cheap bose wireless speakers from amazon. You can also call Bose directly and get cheap bose wireless speakers.

Who invented the Bose speakers?

Amar Bose

Are there any affordable speakers that compare to bose car speakers?

No, bose speakers are of exceptional quality, there is nothing that comes to that.

What company makes the best computer speaker?

Logitech speakers are very highly rated computer speakers. Bose speakers are also very highly rated.

Where can one purchase Bose ceiling speakers from?

There are several places where someone could purchase Bose ceiling speakers. Websites such as, crutchfield, bose, bhphotovideo, and Target all have Bose ceiling speakers for sale.

Where might one purchase Bose 201 speakers?

There are many places where someone can purchase Bose 201 speakers. Some of these places include; Best Buy, Amazon, Bose and eBay. Sometimes a person can get a discount if they write to the company and request a coupon.

What are some of the types of Bose wireless speakers?

The Bose company manufactures many different sizes of wireless speakers. They are Bluetooth enabled wireless speakers, and often used for mobile phones or music players in order to make the sound portable.

Are the Bose wireless speakers loud?

Bose is known for qualities speakers. It would depend on which speakers you chose, but most if not all Bose speakers have the capabilities to be loud. It would also depend on how many speakers you bought, and the audio which is being output through the speakers.

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