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What compound dehydrates?

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Will Borax kill fleas?

yes it dehydrates them yes it dehydrates them

Why does gelatin harden?

Because it dehydrates.

How does alcohol cause hangover?

It dehydrates your body

Salt water facts?

it dehydrates ur skin :)

What are facts about food dehydration?

all alcohol dehydrates your body

Why you are thirsty after drinking liquor?

Consumption of alcohol dehydrates your body as it is metabolized.

Why is salt water not good for your skin?

It's dehydrates your skin and dryes it.

Does salt in the soil kill plants?

yes it dehydrates them and makes their stems weak

Does alcohol makes you smarter?

No It dehydrates you and your brain causing brain cells to die.

Do people die from diarrhea?

Yes, it dehydrates the body and weakens the bodies defenses.

Does drinking alcohol affect tendonitis?

It does, as it dehydrates you and doesn't help the tendon regenerate.

What effects would sea water have on the body?

when swallowed,dehydrates you, making you thirstier.

Why does food dehydrate?

Food dehydrates because it has water in it that can be removed by heat or sunlight.

Does high temperatures decrease exercise efficiency?

yes of course it dehydrates you and you lose energy.

Is too much salt bad?

Yes. It dehydrates you and can cause high bloodd pressure

How does Cholera affect your body?

Cholera dehydrates your body by making you vomit and giving you diarrhea

Can soda be used to water plants?

No, according to scientist watering plants with soda dehydrates them.

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