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Simply mixing them will give you a mixture not a compound because sulfur is stable in the presence of oxygen at STP.

To get a compound you must BURN the sulfur in oxygen an this will produce the compound called sulfur dioxide.

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Is sulphur dioxide a mixture a compound or an element?

It is a compound.The chemical formula for sulphur dioxide is SO2. It is made of elements sulphur and oxygen. So it is a compound.

What is the compound of sulphar plus oxgyen?

when sulphur and oxygen are heated together they create sulphidesulphur + oxygen -> sulphideS + O2 -> SO2

Why is sulphur an element and water is not?

Water is a compound, it is made from two elements. Two atoms of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen. Sulphur, like Hydrogen and Oxygen, is an element.

Why is sulfuric acid a compound?

Anything that is not an element is a compound. Suphuric acid consists of sulphur, hydrogen, and oxygen and is therefore a compound.

Is sulfur dioxide a compound?

Yes, because it is comprised of both sulphur and oxygen. :)

What are the elements of a compound of CaSO4?

It is obvious from formula the elements are Calcium , Sulphur and Oxygen.

What is the compound of iron sulphur and oxygen?

There are two compounds ferrous sulfide and ferrous sulfate.

What is the word equation for sulfur plus oxygen?

Sulphur + Oxygen --> sulphur dioxide or sulphur + oxygen --> sulphur trioxide it depends on the conditions.

What compounds are made from potassium sulphur and oxygen?

POO is mde from thesse elements to make a compound.

Sulphur reacts with oxygen?

Sulphur does reatc with oxygen forming Sulphur di oxide SO2

What does Sulfur plus Oxygen equal?

Sulphur + oxygen = Sulphur Oxide

Sulphar burns with oxygen to form?

When you burn sulphur with oxygen you create sulphur dioxide or sulphur trioxide.

What is OS on periodic table?

Oxygen Sulphate (OS) is not in the periodic table because it is not an element. Rather, it is a compound made from two elements: Oxygen, and Sulphur. Oxygen is eighth on the periodic table, and sulphur is located at 16. Vertically, they are next to each other.

What is the difference between oxygen and sulphur?

Oxygen is a gas, sulphur is a solid. Oxygen has 8 protons and 8 electrons, sulphur has 16 of each.

Does sulphur react with oxygen?

yes,sulphur reacts with oxygen forming sulphur dioxide. s+o2------->so2

What compound does lithium sulfur and oxygen make?

Hi, recently had to figure this out myself Lithium Sulphur and Oxygen makes Lithium Sulphate. Hope this helps!

What does H2SO4 mean on the periodic table?

The chemical compound H2SO4 is not on the Periodic Table as it is a compound not an element. However, it is made up of three elements: Hydrogen, Sulphur and Oxygen. In one molecule of this compound there are 7 atoms: 2 Hydrogen atoms, 1 Sulphur atom and 4 Oxygen atoms. The common name for H2SO4 is Sulphuric Acid.

What is the difference between sulphide and sulfite?

A sulphide is a simple chemical combination of an element and the Sulphur atom e.g. Hydrogen Sulphide, H2S. A sulphite is a chemical combination of an element and a compound of Sulphur and Oxygen, namely 3 Oxygen atoms to every Sulphur atom. E.g. Calcium Sulphite CaSO3.

What is it called when sulphur is added to oxygen?

Combination reaction Sulphur dioxide or sulphur trioxide is formed depending on the amount of oxygen available.

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