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Nonmetals burning in oxygen form covalent type compounds, as compared to metals which form ionic compounds.

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Why Oxygen and chlorine are not ionic compounds?

Oxygen and chlorine are each elements, not compounds. They combined to form a number of covalent compounds because they are both nonmetals.

Is sulfur dioxide a molecular compound?

Yes. Sulfur and oxygen are both nonmetals. Nonmetals form covalent bonds with one another, and are therefore molecular compounds.

Will copper combine with some nonmetals?

Yes, copper does form compounds with nonmetals.

What elements do nonmetals react with?

Nonmetals may react with metal to form ionic compounds (salts) or other nonmetal elements to form organic compounds.

What types of elements form covalent compounds and what types of elements form ionic compoundsypes?

Nonmetals form covalent bonds with one another, forming molecular compounds. Metals and nonmetals tend to form ionic compounds.

Which elements form ionic compounds?

the metals with nonmetals

What kind of atoms combine to form molecular compounds?

Generally, nonmetals combine to form molecular compounds.

What are elements that make compounds by sharing electrons?

The nonmetals form compounds by sharing electrons.

Can beryllium form compounds with any other element?

Beryllium can form binary compounds with the majority of the nonmetals and metalloids.

Ionic or covalent compounds?

Ionic compounds are metals and nonmetals combined to form a compound. KI= Potassium (metal) Iodide(nonmetal) Covalent compounds are nonmetals and nonmetals combined. NO2= Nitrogen (nonmetal) Dioxide (nonmetal)

Why do ionic compounds form between metals and nonmetals?

Compounds between metals and nonmetals are predominantly ionic because there is a large difference in electronegativity between most metals and most nonmetals.

What element forms compounds with nonmetals?

Metals form compounds very easily with non-metals.

Would bromine and oxygen form an ionic compound?

No. Both oxygen and bronie are nonmetals. As a general rule, nonmetals will form covalent bonds with one another.

Do nitrogen and chlorine form an ionic compound?

No. Chlorine and nitrogen are both nonmetals, and two nonmetals do not form ionic compounds with each other.

Does nitrogen burn?

Yes, nitrogen can burn (combust with oxygen) to release heat energy & form other compounds (nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, etc)

How do you find out that a given molecule is ionic or covalent or both?

Generally, metals and nonmetals combine to form ionic compounds, and nonmetals combine to form molecules.

Why are organic compounds combustible?

organic compounds contain C; H and other elements they form bonds in organic compounds which are less stable as compare to their oxides so to achieve the stability they burn and form stable oxides with oxygen of air....

What are 5 properties of a non metal?

- many nonmetals are gaseous or liquids- densities are not high- hardness of solid elements is not high- nonmetals form frequently anions- nonmetals form frequently compounds with covalent bonds

When a metal bonds with a nonmetal they form a?

Metals form bond with nonmetals to form compounds. The compounds can be either ionic or covalent, depending on the difference in the electronegativities between the metal and the nonmetal.

What kind of elements form covalent bonds?

nonmetals because they are associated with molecular compounds.

What other element can curium connect with?

Curium is reactive and can form compounds with the majority of nonmetals.

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