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Q: What computer company first used CDs?
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What company made the first cds?

It was made by Philips by James Russel

Can you play computer cds in PS2?


Which day of the week does Amazon release new cds?

Amazon releases new CDs on the day that they are released by the record company, regardless of which day that is. They are one of the first companies to get new CDs because of their immense buying power.

How do I take computer classes from home?

A company called Video Professor can help you learn how to use your computer at home. Some of the CDs you can get for free, you only have to pay shipping and handling.

How do you get music of iTunes to another iTunes?

You insert blank CDs in your computer and burn your songs onto them and then insert the CDs into the other computer and import them.

Can you play x box 360 cds on computer?

No, they can not.

Can Digital Audio CDs be Played in a Computer?


What is CD-ROM in computer term?

This is where you insert DVDs, computer games, and music CDs to the computer.

How do you get these viruses out of your computer?

When you first bought a computer it should come with CDs to repair/reinstall your computer. You need those CDs to reset your computer again to new state. If you don't want to, you can download Anti Virus Programs, such as Norton. But please keep in mind that not all Anti Virus can remove all of your viruses, some of them can be virus made programs itself.

What is meant by the term computer courseware?

Computer courseware refers to educational material, usually in the form of CDs, that can be used by teachers and students for learning. It is mainly used in information technology industry certification programs.

What companies produce business card CDs?

There are many companies that do produce card CDs. The best company to produce what you require is Vistaprint. They are a renowned company to produce what you need.

What type of media did the first Playstation use?

They used CDs for the First one, DVDs for the Second, and Blue Ray for the third

What is Computer Aided Manufacturing or CAM?

It makes CDS and DVDS

What are the three things that get information into a computer?

usb download and cds

How do you take music off of cds and put them on your computer?

I have no clue

Which company first manufactured CDs?

The prototypes for the first compact discs were produced by both Phillips and Sony. The two companies then collaborated to produce a standard format and player.

What types of blank cds are available?

There are only two types of blank CDs: CD-R and CD-RW. In the end, it does not matter which you use, but the drive you have on your computer that will determine what you can do with your blank CDs.

How do you put music on your computer?

you could download it or you could copy it from your cds.

Do you have to be military to purchase cd's?

No Cds are available in any computer shop .

What does hard disk means?

The place where you put cds and dvds in a computer

A media company divides 1 million copies of a new music CD into 100 equal groups before shipping the CDs to 100 stores How many CDs is the company shipping to each store?

1,000,000 CDs / 100 Stores = 10,000 CDs per store I very much hope this question was asked by a young child...

What year did cds first hit the shelves?

CD players and audio CDs first hit the shelves in October of 1982. In 2007, worldwide sales of CDs reached the 200 billion mark.

When were CDs first available?


How do you play a Mini CD in a vertical computer?

You probably can't, and actually I would wonder how you even play regular CDs in a vertical tray-type drive. If it's a slot drive, it's not intended to be used with mini CDs anyway.

What are Hard drive removable disks and cds for a computer?

Hard drives, removable disks, and CDs are ways of storing information for computers. They make the process of backup up or moving data from a computer much easier.