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Rhyeumatoid Arthritis

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Q: What condition causes stiff painful joints with knobby deformed knuckles?
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What causes crackling knuckles?

carbon dioxide escaping from your knuckles

What is cheliosis?

The term cheilosis refers to a medical condition that causes a painful inflammation and drying and cracking of the lips at the corner of the mouth.

When rocks are metamorphosed the pressure causes them to become what?

Deformed, and change into metamorphic rocks.

What will happen if you click or crack your knuckles?

I was told it causes Osteoporosis and Arthritis.

What can be the causes of painful urination?

Some causes of painful urination can be a Urinary Tract Infection or possibly prostate problems. It is always good to see a doctor if painful urination persists.

What really happens when you crack your knuckles?

Cracking your knuckles releases a gas that naturally forms in your joints. Cracking them isn't bad for you unless it causes pain.

What does cracking your knuckles do to the body?

Well Cacking our knuckles Some people thing it causes arthritus, but actually the sound is caused by a various form of gasses that are being let off by the cracking sound, cracking your knuckles can also make your knuckles swell or puff, So it doesn't do anything to your BODY but it does do something to your knuckles!

What causes the audible clicking with TMJ?

Air bubbles, same as in cracking knuckles...

How can raidiatin causes mutation?

Yes, no super powers though, just deformed body\'s

What causes swelling of outer ear the lobe and anti helix?

If the swelling is only on the outside ear and is only in area where there is cartilage (the ear lobe is not painful), it is possible that the condition you have is Perichondritis.

What is durkin disease?

Dercums disease is a painful condition that causes fat deposits on the body and leaves sores in various areas. The disease is rare, but can actually cause death in sufferers.

How long do shin splints take to heal?

Shin splints are a painful condition which causes your shins to hurt when jogging or running. It is most often caused by overuse which causes irritation of the muscles. It can take up to 3 to 6 months for them to heal.