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Most bacteria will grow in dark, moist, warm areas with a neutral PH balance (ph7, water, sweat, most foods) and a source of food for the bacteria, such as sugars, and protein. All bacteria need to grow in conditions such as this is time. (And not very long, either. 4 hours on average) Sadly, the Human body is one of the most optimal places for bacterial growth. We have many nooks and crannies where sweat can gather in a dark place (such as under our clothing) and sit for long enough for bacteria to grow. This is why it's very important to keep clean.

2008-10-03 17:17:18
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What are the Factors that promote bacterial growth in foods?

list factors that promote bacterial garowth

What are the conditions that contribute to bacterial growth?

the conditions that contribute to bacterial growth are moisture and air

What are six growth conditions for bacteria?

condition of bacterial growth

What are the conditions for bacterial growth?

In the heating elements.

What conditions may have promoted bacterial growth?

warm , dark and moist conditions.

Can sugar water disinfect surfaces?

No. In fact, the sugar may promote bacterial growth.

What type of conditions are bad for bacterial growth?

well to be honest i have no idea. But thank you for coming on this question to see what type of condition are bad for bacterial growth.

What conditions promote fungal growth?

dark, warm, moist area

What conditions prevent bacterial growth?

Temperatures, chemicals, radiation, immunisation, etc.

What are the Conditions that contribute to the bacterial growth?

they need oxygen and heat and moisture to live.

What condition may have promoted bacterial growth?

warm , dark and moist conditions.

What conditions promote mold growth?

warm and moist and available food source.

Does covering food retard bacterial growth?

No, bacteria can thrive under anaerobic conditions.

What causes itches?

Itching is due to allergic conditions or due to bacterial/fungal growth on the skin.

What conditions make food go off?

Dampness and warmth encourage bacterial growth and rotting.

What are the condition that promote the growth of mold on bread?

mould mould and more mould

Can you get a staph infection from a hot tub?

Yes, if it is not cleaned properly, it provides perfect conditions for bacterial growth.

Discuss a bacterial growth curve and phases of bacterial growth?

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How can governments promote economic growth?

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How do you inhibit bacterial growth?

by using a bacteriostatic agent or making conditions unfavourable for growth ie. by changing the temperature, oxygen availability, pH, nutrient media on which it is cultured.

What are the stages of bacterial growth?

Lag phase- steady bacterial growth Log phase- exponential bacterial growth Stationary phase- growth levels off Death phase- bacteria begins to die away

What is the difference between bacterial and anti bacterial hand wash?

Bacterial hand wash favors the growth of bacteria on the surface of the skin ( hands). On the other hand ( no pun intended) ANTI bacterial hand wash does not favor bacterial growth and in fact contains agents to prevent any bacterial growth on the hands.

Why does bacterial growth happen?


What is the danger zone for bacterial growth?

The "danger zone" for bacterial growth are temperatures between 5 and 60 degrees

What is the purpose of bacterial growth curve?

in order to determine and understand the population growth dynamics of bacterial culture. In addition it help to plot a portion of a growth curve and determine the generation time of bacterial cultures.