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A condom for a 3.8 inch penis is unnecessary because in the unlikely event you ever get laid it is doubtful you'd be able to impregnate a woman.


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.38 inches is 19/50 of an inch.

38 inches X 2.54 cm/inch = 97 cm

It is customary to call a circle a 38 inch circle if its diameter is 38 inches. If that is the case, the radius = diameter/2 = 19 inches.

38 inches = 0.9652 meters.

38 inch = 96.52 centimeter

From a 32 inch to a 38 inch in 1977

Where can you buy .38 rimfire ammunition from

This might get a little confusing. A TRUE .38 caliber cartridge will be 38/100ths of an inch in diameter. HOWEVER, the cartridge CALLED the .38 Special is not quite that large- it is .357 inches in diameter, or 357/100ths of an inch- just over a third of an inch, or a little more than 9 millimeters.

38 inches is close to 1 (0.9652) meter.

38-43 cm is approximately 15-17 inch (exactly: 14.96 - 16.93 inch).

It is 19/50 of an inch as a fraction in its simplest form

Very powerful. Always use a condom.

Equals (55/2.54) inch x (38/2.54) inch x (20/2.54) inch

The answer depends on whether it is the linear dimensions that are increased by 38% or the area.

36DD 26 inch waist and 38 inch hips

They measure the width of the gun barrel in fractions of an inch. A 38 caliber will be .38 of an inch. The bullet projectile itself is a little less wide.

No, it is way too big for a pilot hole as 5 mm = 0.20 inch which is smaller than .38 inch

no is not. a 38" guitar is for kids 12 years old and under you better buy a 41" that is full size those ones are for 13 and older/adults.

The width of a 700 times 38 inch in mm would 622mm. This is math.

where can I buy a new rear sight for a spesco 38 special

When people talk of a 38, they mean .38 caliber, or 38/100th of an inch. Likewise, a 45 is .45 caliber or 45/100th of an inch. 45 > 38 so a 45 has a larger diameter. However, there are different lengths for each of those calibers, so a .38 Special is longer than a .45 ACP so in THAT sense, a 38 is larger (longer) than a 45.

Even though it's called a .38, it's actually .357 of an inch in diameter.

Approximately 1,130 square inches.

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