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Crux is the smallest of the 88 modern constellations

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Q: What constallation is known as the southern cross?
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Constellation of the new zealand flag?

The Southern Cross, or Crux as it is known to the Astronomers.

How many stars does the actual Southern cross have?

The Southern Cross has a total of five stars. It is also known by the name Crux and it can be found deep in the southern skies.

What is the best known constellation in the southern hemisphere?

It is the southern cross .It can be found on the Australian flag.

What is the constellation 'Crux' better known as?

Commonly called the Southern Cross.

Why is southern cross called southern cross?

The southern cross is called the southern cross is because it is a cross of stars to make a cross constellation that is more seen by the southern hemisphere.

How is the southern cross used to navigate?

The southern cross is a well known star configuration which can be seen from the southern hemisphere. The cross is used to navigate because it's angle is esilly identifiable by many. There are two bright stars just off from each other near the southern cross which are called the pointers. Theese are used to line up with the cross and determine the angle/direction.

The Southern Cross Orion's belt and the big dog are groups of stars known as?


What constellation looks like a cross?

The constellation known as the Southern Cross or Crux looks like a cross. It is composed of four main stars and one minor star, and is visible throughout the southern hemisphere and the lower latitudes of the northern hemisphere.

How is a constallation made?

i don'T KNOQ

A specific pattern of stars?


Which season do you see Gemini the constallation?

If you're in the Northern hemisphere it's visible from the Winter through to the Spring, in the Southern hemisphere however it's visible only in the spring.

Who was the person that named the southern cross?

who was the person who named the southern cross constellation