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California is a "long" state, about 600 miles from its northernmost point to its southernmost point. Which constellations you can see depends on exactly where you are (also, whether or not there are any obstructions on the horizon).

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Q: What constellations can you see from CA in summer?
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What are the constellations you can see in the summer?

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What are the 4 constellations you can see in the summer?

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Why are the constellations seen as in the summer sky different than those in the winter sky?

The winter night sky is the opposite direction from the summer night sky. The constellations you see in winter are on the other side of the sun in summer, so you would only see them in summer during a total solar eclipse.

Why can't you see winter constellations in the summer?

The Earth is tilted. As it goes around the sun we see different areas of the sky during the year.

If you could see stars in the daytime what constellation would you see at noon on a winter day?

Great question - you would see the same constellations in the sky on a Winter day that you would see in the sky on a Summer night. And there are too many to mention here - almost 40+ constellations.

Which constellations can you see in the summer?

In the northern hemisphere the constellations on the meridian on June 21 have a right ascension of 18 hours, and constellations from 15 to 18 hours can be seen in summer evenings. They are not as bright as the winter constellations. The main ones are Boötes (main star Arcturus), Corona Borealis, Serpens Caput, Libra, Hercules and Ophiuchus. In the southern sky, Scorpio (main star Antares). In the summer the circumpolar constellations like Cassiopeia, Ursa Major, Perseus and Draco can be seen although not in their usual winter positions.

Why can we only see some constellations during the spring and summer months?

Those constellations that lie in the plane in which Earth orbits the Sun (the ecliptic) are only visible in the night sky when Earth is on their side of the Sun.

What are the two different types of constellations?

Actual constellations such as Leo and asterisms such as the Big Dipper and Summer Triangle.

What three stars make up the Summer Triangle?

The three stars that make up The Summer Triangle are: Vega, Altair, and Deneb.Look below at Sources and related links to see the stars and constellations of The Summer Triangle.

What are 5 constellations you could see in the summer sky?

You can see Scorpius, Sagittarius, Cygnus the swan, Lyra, the Harp, Aquila the Eagle - that's 5, but you can see over 40 more...

Why do you not see the same constellations all year long?

because as the earth rotates we go into summer and then we cannot see the winter constallations because they are on the other side of the earth

Why can't you see a constellation in August?

You can see lots of constellations in August. You can see constellations in every month of the year.