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Q: What constellations is Leo near by to?
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What constellations are next to or near the Cancer constellation?

All of these constellations border the Cancer constellation: Lynx Gemini Canis Minor Hydra Leo Leo Minor (corner)

What constellations are around cancer?

Hydra, Leo, Leo minor, Lynx and Gemini.

Is the constellation cancer near any other famous constellations?

In the Northern sky..Cancer(the Crab) is the faintest of the known constellations,To the naked eye,the "nearest" constellations are; Leo(the Lion) Leo Mionor,Gemini(the Twins)Canis Minor(the Lesser Dog) and Hydra. Nearest of course,is very relative,as these Suns and Stars are many light years apart

What constellations border the Leo constellation?

draco is one...

What Constellations that borders cancer?

Leo, Gemini, and the Hydra.

What does the constellations Leo look like?

like a lion

Gemini Leo and canis major are examples of a what?


What are the two different types of constellations?

Actual constellations such as Leo and asterisms such as the Big Dipper and Summer Triangle.

What constellations are near mercury?

All of the constellations of the zodiac.

What constellations border Leo?

Along the ecliptic, Leo is bordered by Virgo, The Maiden and Cancer The Crab.

What are three to four constellations that border Cancer the constellation?

Here are the six constellations bordering Cancer, including Leo Minor, which is at one corner: Lynx Gemini Canis Minor Hydra Leo Leo Minor (corner)

What is berenices?

Coma Berenices is a constellation near the Constellation of Leo. Historically it was an asterism (arrangement of stars), but is now one of the 88 constellations covering the night sky.