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contains events generated by specific programs running on the computer

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Q: What contains events generated by specific programs running on the computer?
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What is the file that contains the programs that tell a computer how to perform a specific task?

Its called an executable file.

What is the use of computers and computer programs to replace teachers and time specific learning is?

CAD programs

What software includes all the programs that allow you to perform specific tasks on a computer?

The operating system allows you to use the computer, but you need specific programs to perform specific tasks. There is no single piece of software that allows you to perform every specific task.

What consisting of programs enables a computer to perform specific tasks?


What Computer programs designed to perform specific tasks are known as?


How can reinstall the programs of an computer?

You can reinstall programs on a computer through either a disk or downloaded version of the programs. If you can be more specific with the types of programs you would like to install I could try to better aid you.

Series of instructions that tells a computer what to do and how to do it?

A program is a sequence of instructions for a computer. Programs are written to tell a computer how to do a specific task.

What are programs that give instructions to a computer?

Among programs which do that are also the drivers that give instructions to computers on how to work with specific hardware.

Are there any other specific software programs applications and online resources that you have found particularly useful in your current computer's operating system?

are there any other specific software programs applicationon your computer that you have found particularly useful

What makes a computer work fast?

There is no "specific" thing. But here are a few things you can do: 1. Upgrade your computer. 2. Defrag your computer. 3. Go to 'Programs and features' and uninstall unused programs.

What is another word for computer programs?

software. applications. (more specific: executables. scripts.)

What two folders can contains programs to be launched when a specific user logs onto the system?

Users and ProgramData

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