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It can be found on many different continents... wherever their biome of the wetland is.

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Q: What continent can salamanders be found?
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What continent does a salamander live on?

Salamanders are found in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and small portions of Africa.

Where are salamanders found?

Salamanders live anywhere near flowing water.

Where are tiger salamanders found?

A Tiger Salamander can be found in the wetlands. There is a increasing and decreasing population. Tiger Salamanders can be found in California at Stanford.

What do salamanders habitats look like?

Salamanders are found in different places depending on species. Marbled Salamanders (beautiful, btw) can be found under rotting logs. Some salamanders are found in rock crevices while many other are found in streams and under rocks in those streams. If you're searching for salamanders, the key is to stick close to water or moist areas.

Poison salamanders found in west Virginia?

Poison Salamanders are very rare in West Virginia.So not really. There is not really any salamanders in that kind of state.

Do salamanders need water?

Yes they do. It all depends on what type of salamanders you found/bought. Water living salamanders need more water than land salamanders. Speak with your local pet store.

Are there salamanders in the desert?

Yes, salamanders are found in some deserts. Most remain buried until periods of substantial rain.

What continent are clownfish found?

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What continent is Benin found in?

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