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the country Croatia is in the continent Europe.

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Q: What continent is Croatia in?
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What continent is Croatia on?

Croatia is located on the European continent.

In which continent is Croatia?

Croatia is in Europe.

Is Croatia a continent?

No it is a country in Europe.

Which continents border Croatia?

What do you mean by "border Croatia"? Croatia is in Europe by its full length, and is nowhere near any continent borders.

In which Continent does the country Croatia lie?


What is Croatia continent?

in Europe :) Capital: Zagreb :)

When did Croatia become part of Europe?

Croatia has been a part of Europe since its creation as a country because it is physically located on the European continent.

Which continent includeds the coordinates of 45N and 15E on a mercator map?

45 N 15 E is Croatia, and the continent is Europe.

Slovenia is in which continent?

Slovenia is in Europe.It is on the continent of Europe between Austria, Italy, Croatia and HungaryEurope.

Are you insured to drive in Croatia?

If you purchase your insurance in Croatia then yes I would say so. If you have a policy issued on another continent such as North America then NO. Read your policy, as it will clearly state where you are insured to drive. Driving from USA to Croatia will be rough anyway. Sorry for the sarcasm.

Which of the seven continent is bucks center Andrew bogut from?

Europe, he was born in Croatia but hes mostly Australian

Which continent is Croatia part of?

Croatia is in Europe. Find Italy, Austria and Hungary on a map of Europe and you will see it. If you looked in the gazeteer (index) of an atlas published since 1990, you will be directed to the page where it is mapped.

What continent is bosnia and herzegovina on?

Europe. It is basically on the Balkan peninsula in southern Europe. It is bounded by Croatia on the west and north, Serbia on the northeast, and Montenegro on the southeast.

What are land marks in Croatia?

google "UNESCO Croatia" and "national parks Croatia"

Is Croatia a Monarchy?

No,Croatia is a republic.

What is the abbrevation for Croatia?

HR is the offical abbriviation for Croatia. HR = HRVATSKA which is Croatia on Croatian

What century did people first arrive in Croatia?

People first arrived in Croatia in the 7th century. Croatia is a republic in Europe. The capital of Croatia is Zagreb. The approximate population of Croatia is 4.29 million people.

What is the capital of Croatia?

The capital of Croatia is Zagreb. Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia.

Croatia is the capital of which country?

Croatia is a country, not a capital city. Croatia's capital city is Zagreb.

Where did the Serbia vs Croatia war occur?

In Croatia. Serbian forces invaded Croatia, but were defeated.

Is Albania in southeast of Croatia?

Albania is not in the southeast of Croatia, but it is southeast of Croatia, though they do not share a border.

What do people from Croatia call Croatia?


What is the area of Croatia?

Croatia is 21851 mi2

What are all the biomes in Croatia?

what are the biomes in Croatia

When was Croatia created?

Croatia was created in 8##.

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