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Australia is the continent closest to New Zealand.

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Q: What continent is closest to New Zealand?
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Which largest country is the closest to New Zealand?

Australia is the largest country which is closest to New Zealand. New Zealand lies between the continent of Antarctica and the continent - country (country - continent) of Australia.

New Zealand is a country in which continent?

New Zealand is not a part of any continent. It lies closest to the continent of Australia, and is part of the region of Oceania.

What is the nearest continent to new zealand?

Australia is the closest, followed by Antarctica.

What countries are closest to the Australian continent?

The countries closest to the Australian continent are Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, Indonesia, New Zealand and the Solomon Islands.

What countries are closest to the Antarctic continent?

The closest countries to Antarctica are Australia, South Africa, New Zealand with Argentina and Chile being the closest.

What continent is Wellington in?

Well wellington is in new zealand and new zealand's not a continent or part of a continent

To which continent does New Zealand belong to?

New Zealand belongs to the Oceania continent.

Continent south of New Zealand?

The continent south of New Zealand is Antarctica

State what hemisphere and continent is New Zealand is in?

New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere. It is not actually part of any continent, but it is in the region (not continent) of New Zealand.

Which continent is closest to the South Pole?

If you are asking which is the closest continent to the Geographical South Pole then it is Antarctica.If you are asking which is the closest continent to what is wrongly called the South Pole as a region then it is South America.The continent that is closest to the South Pole is..... AntarcticaAntarctica, where the South Pole exists, then South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Is New Zealand included in a continent?

New Zealand is part of the continent called Australia.

What continent is New Zealand near?

The islands of New Zealand are about 2500km from the continent of Australia.

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