What contributes to erosion?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Rocks contribute to erosion and so does soil.

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Q: What contributes to erosion?
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How do plants and animals contributes to soil erosion and weathering of rocks?


Is not a process that contributes to weathring an erosion of landforms?

Tectonic process does not contribute to an erosion of land forms.

What two processes all soils to wash into the oceans?

Erosion is one. Deforestation contributes to runoff and erosion.

What ranching practices contributes to soil erosion?

overgrazing a live stock

What force and what cause contributes to erosion and mass wasting?

gravity and movement

Is a horn results of erosion or deposition?

Both. The horn itself may be the result of ancient sedimentary depositional processes, but glacial erosion contributes to its characteristic shape.

Why does construction contributes to soil erosion?

it removes vegetation from the building site. Trust me it's the RIGHT answer.

What is the name of special DNA sequences located at the ends of chromosomes whose erosion contributes to cellular aging and death?


Does erosion break down rocks?

yes wind and soil erosion both contributes to breaking down of rocks.You can google it and see the pictures of beautiful rocks have been shaped due to wind erosion.and water erosion breaks down the rocks and even make its surface smooth.

How does leaching fit into the rock cycle?

Leaching contributes to rock rot, thus aiding erosion of large rocks into smaller particles.

How glacial erosion contributes to the formation of large lakes?

Glacial erosion occurs when glaciers move through an area, gouging into the land beneath. In areas where the soil is relatively soft, glaciers can gouge out areas that eventually turn into lakes.

Describing ways Soil Erosion in which your lifestyle directly or indirectly contributes to this type of soil degradation?

the soil that eroides the leat is a mixture of clay and sand