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The hospital wants to know what types of things you will be helping them with. If you are good with children, you need to let them know.

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What is the function of technical nurse?

to make your hospital life better......

What are the working conditions for a nurse in a hospital?

What are the working conditions for a nurse in a hospital?

How do you make a complaint about nurse at hospital in Montreal?

aaj satta me kya nombar ayega

How much does an OB Nurse make and hour?

An OB nurse makes between $25.00 and $35.00 an hour. An OB nurse working in a hospital will earn more than a OB nurse working at a clinic.

How much do a nurse make in Mississippi?

$18-$19/hour for new graduates in a hospital setting

What major do you need to become a hospital nurse?

Nursing you need to major in nursing in order to become a nurse and work at a hospital.

What would be most challenging of being a nurse?

well it depends what type of nurse, a doctor nurse or hospital nurse, i think a hospital nurse would be hard to let 'people go' when they die, you see their family cry and stuff...

What do you call a hospital nurse?

A NURSE is int it obvious ? you must be dumb!

What is the difference between a public health nurse and a hospital nurse?

As far as I knew, a public health nurse is working in government hospitals and so they will do their duty as service, whereas a hospital nurse are supposed to work for the welfare of hospital owner so, they will not work as service minded.

What is the highest nurses get paid?

The highest paying nurse, is probably the nurse anesthesist. After you complete your BSN in nursing, you can obtain a Mater's as a Nurse Anesthesist. They can make up to $300,000 a year in a private hospital.

What does a Registered Nurse do in the hospital?

she works

How many hours does nurse work?

it depends on which hospital you work at and what type of nurse you are

Was florence nightangale a trained nurse?

yes she was trained to be a nurse at kiserworthg hospital

How do you become a hospital nurse?

Get your RN license and apply for a job at a hospital. Not that hard.

What is a hospital job beginning with n?


What job can you get in the hospital with associate in business?

A nurse

What is the head nurse of a hospital known as?


What is an example of a nurse application letter for a hospital?

job application to work as staff nurse

Where can a pediatric nurse work at?

A pediatric nurse can work at a hospital clinic, school, doctor's office, emergency room, hospital floor, or an intensive care unit.

How and where to make a memorial contribution to Shriners Childrens Hospital in Greenville sc?

To make a memorial donation to Shriners Hospital in Greenville, you can send the donation with the memorial attached to Shriners Hospitals for Children, P.O. Box 31356, Tampa, FL 33631-3356 and designate the donation for the Greenville Hospital.

Whats a pediatric nurse?

It is a children's nurse. They usually work in the children's wing of the hospital or for a pediatrician.

How much does a nurse make annually?

Generally, not enough, if you ask me. It depends on where you work, what kind of training you have, and so on. A nurse at a small, rural hospital would not make the same as a specialized OR nurse in a big city hospital. Call it anywhere between 35 and 80K a year. Plus medical. If you're concerned about money, then perhaps nursing is not for you. Most people go into that field for non-financial reasons.

Where can you be an obstetric nurse?

In the OB unit of a hospital. Where else?

What kind of places can a registered nurse work in?


Who is the chief nurse of sabal hospital?

Teresa cielo

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