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They have left us Iran.

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Q: What contributions from the Persian Empire can still be seen in our world today?
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Where is the Persian empire today?


Was Carthage a part of the Persian Empire?

No, the Persian Empire went as far west as Libya. Carthage was in today's Tunisia.

What are facts about the ancient Persian Empire?

The ancient Persian empire was located where Iran is today. Babylon was its capital city.

Who brought the Persian Empire to India?

King Darius I extended the Persian Empire into today's Pakistan (west of the Indus River).

What were the boundaries of the Persian empire?

From today's Libya to Pakistan.

What are the lasting contributions of the roman empire and how are they beneficial to us today?

the long lasting contributions of the Roman Empire are how the Roman Empire built their walls, buildings, bridges, and other ways of life and how it is beneficial to us today because people in Rome still use this even today.

Was India in the Persian empire?

No. The easternmost province was today's Pakistan.

Why was the Persian Empire the most important Mesopotamian Empire and why?

The Persian Empire was not a Mesopotamian empire - it included Mesopotamia as merely one of it's twenty provinces which stretched from Libya to today's Pakistan..

Which country of today began the Persian Empire?

Persia (once was Persia).

How far did the Persian Empire reach?

From today's Libya to Pakistan in the east.

Who burnt down the Persian Empire?

The Persian Empire stretched for a few thousand kilometres from today's Libya to Pakistan. It was a little difficult to burn this lot down.

What contributions to Government did the Persian Empire make?

It maintained customary local government, with Persian provincial government, and central government by a king and his council. This was not new, following the models and improving on the predecessor Assyrian Empire and Babylonian Empire, however it succeeded in controlling and providing security and prosperity for a vastly larger area, stretching from today's Libys, through the Middle East, to Central Asia and Pakistan.