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Q: What controls the up and down movement of a vehicle as it moves down a bumpy road?
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What part of the brain controls the voluntary movement?

The Cerebrum is the part of the brain that controls voluntary movement. Cerebellum is responsible for controlling, balancing, and coordinating the way your body moves.

What Controls what moves in and out of the cell?

Cell membrane

Organ system that moves limbs and allows facial expressions?

The musculoskeletal system provides for the movement of limbs and controls facial movements.

What type of energy moves a vehicle?

Mechanical Energy, because of the movement of the car. however, when idling, there is potential energy.

How does an earthquake changes the landforms?

Since it shakes the earth it moves the Earth and could make it all bumpy.

What is the purpose of an engine in a vehicle?

The engine moves the vehicle.

What cell controls what moves in and out of cell?

Cell membrane

What does slow mass movement mean?

something moves in a slow amount of movement or a small amount of substance that moves slow

What are the controls for Minecraft?

When you first get Minecraft, the controls for moving are W, A, S, and D. W moves you forward, A moves you to the left side, S moves you backwards, and D moves you to the right side. If you want to change your contorls then pause minecraft with the Esc button located on the top left corner and click, "Opitions..." then ckick "Controls..." and you will see all of the controls like how to open you inventory and how to attack/destory and how to jump.

What is it called that controls what moves in and out of the cell cytoplasm?

Cell membrane controls it.Also called the plasma membrane.

What does rapid mass movement mean?

eather something moves in a massive amount of movement or a large amount of substance that moves fast.

Conduction how does heat moves?

Conduction heat moves by using movement of fluids.