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What corporation uses a microcomputer?

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When was the first microcomputer made available to the public?

Tandy Corporation quickly followed MIT by offering Radio Shack's first microcomputer in 1976.

A computer that fits on a desktop and uses a microprocessor?


What is micro controller and their uses?

a complete microcomputer on a chip optimized for device control applications.

What are the components of microcomputer motherboards?

"What are the components of microcomputer ?

Name of first microcomputer?

name of the first microcomputer?

How do you measure memory of a microcomputer?

How do you measure memory of a microcomputer?

Who uses the data of satellite galaxy 14?

The panamsat corporation uses this satellite

What is the microcomputer generally known as?

The microcomputer is generally known as a PC.

What is a microcomputer specialist?

Microcomputer specialist is responsible for identifying problem in microcomputer software and hardware. Microcomputer specialist determines which software is necessary for the device based on user needs and then installs that software.

What is the first microcomputer?

the first microcomputer is the altair 8080....but the first commercially available microcomputer is the apple II produce by the Intel Corp......=)

What corporation uses the ticker CAKE?

The cheesecake factory

What are the functions of microcomputer operating system?

What are the functions of microcomputer operating system?

When did IBM offer their first microcomputer?

IBM offered their first microcomputer in 1981.

Identify two lenders that Target Corporation uses?


Is a minicomputer cheaper than a microcomputer?

In general, a minicomputer is cheaper than a microcomputer. A microcomputer is basically a standard computer while a minicomputer does not offer as many functions.

Is desktop a type of microcomputer?

Yes it is a microcomputer.

What auto dealerships use credit acceptance corporation?

in the state of Texas what auto dealership uses credit acceptance corporation

What is the difference between a multichip microcomputer and single chip microcomputer?

the IC that is organized as a single-chip microprocessor contains only CPU without the other peripherals like ROM, RAM, and I/O ports that comprise a microcomputer, while the single-chip microcomputer is the chip that contains all the components that give the capabilities of the microcomputer.

What is the definition of a microcomputer?

The definition of a microcomputer is a computer that works in scale that is lesser than the traditional desktop machine. A microcomputer will contain all of the integral working parts of a normal computer but without the same physical framework. An example of a microcomputer is the Commodore 64.

Describe the differences between a mainframe minicomputer microcomputer and workstation?

differences between microcomputer and workstation

What is the difference between microcomputer supercomputer microcomputer and mainframe?

three difference between a supercomputer and minicomputer?

What colour were the function keys on a BBC microcomputer?

The function keys on the BBC Microcomputer were coloured red.

What is the transport used in transnational corporation of Nike?

nike uses bus

What is microcomputer?

microcomputer is a type of computer that we use in industry,home schooland universcity/collage/.such as laptop ,etc.

Wile E Coyote often uses products from the ACME Corporation?